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 About Us


DesiDieterTM is a one of its kind website that encourages and supports the South Asian community to take a step towards Good Health and a Good Life.

We are a one stop shop for all your health, nutrition and fitness related information. Be it Yoga, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Home Remedies or Indian Diets and Recipes.

As a DesiDieter premium member you also, gain exclusive access to live Dietitians and Fitness Experts through Email, Chat and Phone.

Why DesiDieterTM?

With so much information floating on the internet, it has become impossible for one to choose what to believe. Most of the information that we get is either from foreign websites and is not relevant to your lifestyle and neither is it consistent with your culture.

South Asians are genetically different from the rest of the world. This makes them more prone to lifestyle related diseases like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease as compared to, for example the Caucasian community.

We also have very different food ingredients and dietary habits. All these make our eating habits very different from the rest of the world!

A few of us felt this pain after wasting time on the Atkins, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, eDiets of the world and embarked on a journey with a mission to create a site that was made especially for the South Asian Community.

What Do We Have For YOU?

With DesiDieterTM you can lose weight the easy and healthy way with our Weight Loss Diet, Indian Diet and Ayurveda Diet, Online Diet Generators and Weight Management Centre. Each of these are built on sound scientific nutritional principles and have been tried and proven over months of trial over a diverse set of users.

Choose from a variety of Indian recipes and ingredients, all of which are easy to understand and readily available at your local bazaar! We are the only site with a comprehensive Indian Recipe List along with associated Nutritional Labels which are a must to understand the Calories that we eat. Find out how many calories are there for example in a Samosa!!

Check out our Home Remedies which have been researched and proven over years of use by various elders in our communities.

Get in touch with our Fitness and Nutrition Experts and get your Personalized Fitness and Nutrition Plans Made.

Go to the Diet Tools and try out a whole bunch of cool tools from our BMI Calculator to the Body Fat Calculator etc.

Get free articles written by our various experts and guest authors in our Newsletters.

Have an interesting Recipe or Home Remedy you want to share?? Add it to our ever-growing database.

For contributions and feedback write to us at:

Welcome to a World of Good Health and Good Life.

Being Healthy and Staying Fit was Never so Easy!!

Veg Wholesome Meal

1/2 bowl chana pulav + 1 katori french beans veg + 1 katori palak raita + Applepear

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