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Diet and Nutrition

"Honesty is Healing!" says our Theta Healer Jeetika

It is best to let your emotions pass. You are angry; so be it, don't suppress your fury. You are sad, allow yourself to be gloomy. But, Jeetika reminds that after you wallow in your emotions for a while, get up and move on. Feel fresh and restart-rejuven... Read more

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Weight maintenance after reaching your goal

The first step towards lowering your set point weight and getting your body to cooperate with weight maintenance is to know how many calories you can theoretically eat every day to maintain your present weight. A simple way to figure this out is to take h... Read more

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Eat With Me Goodness Of Indian Spices

Indian spices make food tasty and healthy. DesiDieter expert Keya Mukherjee explores benefits if some Indian spices used in cooking.... Read more

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Smriti's Perspective on Why do you crave sugar after a meal?

You have just finished a extravagant 4 course meal, but instead of feeling full you end up craving for something more - something sweet.... Read more

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Eat Good, Look Good, Feel Good

Dietician Tina Khanna, shared insights with Pragya Channel on how to eat well to look good... Read more

Tags: diet for hair, diet for skin, healthy diet, diet to look good, dietician, foods for glowing skin

Why do you crave sugar after a meal?

Our team of diet experts will guide you how to control your sugar intake. Sweet is allowed in our program.... Read more

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