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World Cancer Day- 4th Feb; Be Aware against the disease.

Exposure to radiation cause cancer Heart Scan is also a risk of inducing cancer. Cancer is triggered by exposure to radiation; we all know that. But, a treatment can cause mutation of cells and make them malignant is something we should be wary off.... Read more

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Wish you a Healthy Diwali!

DesiDieter Team wishes you a happy & healthy Diwali. Nutritionists recommend not over indulging in the 'Festive foods' but enjoying them in moderation and trying out less sweeter/low calorie options that will ensure that you do not deviate from your 'he... Read more

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Importance of Blood Donation

All donations to charity make a difference, whether they consist of money, clothing, or simply a couple of hours spent volunteering. While every contribution is equally important, nothing is comparable to the donation of human blood.... Read more

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How to Baby Proof the House

A baby will always be the most vulnerable member of any family besides the elderly. This is simply because of their young age and helplessness.... Read more

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Spreading awareness on Personal Health is just one of the reasons why World Health Day is observed every year throughout the World.... Read more

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International Women's Day: March 8th, 2010

March 8, also celebrated as International Women's Day is a celebration of being a woman. The role of a Woman throughout the history of mankind has been of the person who brings balance and peace.... Read more

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