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Homeopathic Talking Therapy for Stress Reduction

Homeopathy, which is an alternative therapy based on the theory that "like cures like" was developed in the late eighteenth century. As a part of homeopathy, talking therapies are used to reduce stress.... Read more

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Effectiveness of Homeopathy in Diabetes Management

Homeopathy is an alternative therapy based on the theory that "like cures like" and was developed in the late eighteenth century.... Read more

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Parkinson's disease

It is not possible to predict who can be affected by Parkinson's disease. On an average, symptoms first appear when a patient is older than 50. Sometimes, one can be affected under the age of 40 and although the condition is clinically the same, treatment... Read more

Tags: Parkinson's Disease, Parkinson, aches, pains, blinking

Homeopathy for the Treatment of Asthma

Nowadays, asthma is a common disease in kids as well as adults. An asthma attack happens when a person suffers from inflammation of the respiratory tract limiting or obstructing the oxygen that flows in and out of the lungs.... Read more

Tags: asthma, homeopathy, homeopathic, air, breathe

W.H.O. Recognition For Homoeopathy

Research centres and manufacturing units with focus on developing newer drugs for treatment of diseases provide ample proof that homeopathic medicines are not mere placebos... Read more

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