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Know the facts affecting your metabolism

The higher the BMR, higher number of calories one burns even at rest/sitting position and this determines ones calorie requirement and ultimately weight. Lower the BMR, fewer calories are required for sustenance and if the calorie intake is more than requ... Read more

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I Think Platinum Is For Me - Get In Shape

Our diet and fitness experts will regularly speak to you. Change the way you think food. Get you moving more, feeling healthy. Our experts will holistically treat you well and you donít need to visit a mind blowing expensive spa.... Read more

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Facts on Fiber

Fiber is zero calories. It is not a nutrient but is important in your diet. It is the most neglected constituent in diet these days and hence a cause of various chronic conditions.... Read more

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Portfolio Diet For Heart

The way we diet is seeing a revolution. Change your perspective of heart care diet with the new Portfolio diet. Portfolio diet came in as a therapy to lower cholesterol and seeks health benefits with small changes in the diet.... Read more

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Listen to Your Stress Signals

Your body tells you that you are stressed. Perceive those signals and respond to them accordingly.... Read more

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Celebrities with Diabetes

Diabetes is not restricted to the common man; even movie stars, sports stars, singers and other celebrities suffer from the disease and yet are still able to lead a glamorous lifestyle.... Read more

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