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Aromatherapy is a very precise art dependent on the use of essential oils the distilled vital essence of a plant with its complex hydrocarbons that develop naturally within flowers, leaves, roots, barks and fruit rind.... Read more

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Get in Shape for Summer Dressing

Thinking of losing the bulge? Well, certainly a good thought. Winter is over and season is warming up. Your metabolism is back in shape and you can easily sweat out the additional fat gained during the bone chilling winters.... Read more

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Maintaining Food Hygiene

The word 'Delhi Belly' is a term which is familiar to most foreigners visiting India. The Urban Dictionary defines Delhi Belly as "Diarrhea or dysentery contracted from eating Indian (i.e. from India) food". It is also known as Bombay belly, Traveller's d... Read more

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Are you Antimicrobial Resistant?

Have you ever gone to the doctor with a fever and were sent home with an antibiotic to make you feel better? The next time you went with a cough - it's another antibiotic. Does this sound familiar? Ever given a thought to how many antibiotics you must hav... Read more

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Cancer and Alternative Therapy

Onset of cancer and its treatment is a painful journey for patient and care takers. Person loses his morale with the thought of the disease and treatment itself has many side effects. Hair fall, nausea, vomiting, weight loss, fatigue, reduced sleep etc.... Read more

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Preventing Cancer

We have all grown up hearing that "prevention is better than cure" and this adage is true for cancer too. Research has shown that only five percent of cancers are hereditary.... Read more

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