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Weight Management Issue: Tips for Sedentary Workers

Sedentary lifestyle is used to denote a type of lifestyle most commonly found in modern cultures. It is characterized by sitting or remaining inactive for most of the day, with little or no exercise.... Read more

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Weight Management Issue:Beat the Stress

Stress is the way a person responds to pressure from various situations and it affects mental, physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing.... Read more

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Weight Management Issue:Tips for Self Discipline while Following Diets

Many of us have started diets with a lot of enthusiasm and ended up losing weight only in the first few days. Ever wondered why diets work best only for a short time.... Read more

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Weight Management Issues: Odd Working Hours

Our body has its own body clock and whenever it is disrupted, it may lead to physical, psychological and emotional conditions like stress, obesity and digestive disorders.... Read more

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Weight Management Issues: Frequent Travel

The biggest problem with dieting while on the move is that you may not be able to plan your next meal. Its important to make a conscious decision to eat healthy wherever you stop over.... Read more

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