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3 Weeks 3 Kgs Down 3 Weeks 3 Kgs Down

Losing weight is tricky. The scales seem to magically stay glued to a measurement, however hard you try.
But, with a good weight loss program all is achievable. DesiDieter believes is weekly weightloss. Our experts plan weekly diets for the members and share with them in depth during telephonic or chat counseling sessions.
The DesiDieter diet experts follow this systematic weekly process to help you lose weight fast.
Week 1: Reduce Calories
Lose some, lose more. Cut down on your calories and start seeing weightloss. The dietitian will aim to cut down unwanted calories from the client’s diet in first week.  This helps to see ½ kg to 1 kg down easily. Reducing 500 kcal in the first week will help you lose ½ kg easily.
Week 2: Restructure Your Eating Plan
DesiDieter dietitians will work on your eating step by step. Making you eat more during the day and taper the meals by evening. Atleast two fruits will be squeezed in your noon and evening snack time.
Dietitian Tina Khanna also recommends eating a wholesome breakfast and lunch and offers only porridges to her clients at night.
Week 3: Replacing Meals with Fluids
The clients at DesiDieter will find that the dietitians include plenty of low calorie beverages in their plans. Their objective is to rehydrate the body that allows appetite fullness, detoxification and reduced water retention. Coconut water, green tea, buttermilk, vegetable broth, kala channa kah soup and clear vegetable or chicken soup are some of DesiDieter favorites. Replacing meals with these low calorie fluids and a fruit or salad really helps in quick weight loss.
If you are trying to reduce weight fast and need some quick tips, follow these suggestions above.
  1. Exercise
  2. Don’t skip breakfast
  3. Avoid snacking on high calorie foods
  4. Watch the sugar
  5. Eat balanced meals
  6. Control your portion sizes
You will certainly lose 3 kgs in first 3 weeks with these suggestions. To lose more it is important that you consult a diet expert.
Call our DesiDieter HelpLine and learn more about our weight loss diets:  8010872828.



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