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Eating Disorders - Awareness

US and Canada celebrated the National Eating Disorders Awareness Week in February/March, 2010.

Eating Disorders result in Disturbed Eating Patterns. Eating disorders can be caused due to various reasons which upset the psychological or emotional balance of a person. In various studies it has been found that eating disorders are prevalent among children and adolescents in India with co-morbidities similar to Western and other non-Western populations.

It has also been found that for Anorexia Nervosa the mortality rate is 4.0%, and for Bulimia Nervosa it is 3.9%. Even though the various causes for Eating Disorders are not known, it has been found that they are a result of Biological (genetics, infections etc.), Psychological and Environmental reasons (social isolation, peer pressure etc.).

Some common Eating Disorders are:

Some other Resources on Eating Disorders:


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