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Cancer Fighting Foods Cancer Fighting Foods

Cancer Fighting Foods

Diet plays a vital role in reducing cancer risks and there are also foods that can alleviate the symptoms if cancer is already present in individuals. These food sources are rich in nutrients and other agents that inhibit abnormal cell growth and reproduction. These should be maintained regularly in the diet to stay protected and enhance the system and organ function.


Phytochemicals are widely known for reducing the risk of developing cancer. These healthy agents directly act on carcinogens and harmful chemicals. Phytochemicals inhibit abnormal cell growth and mutation and destroy the harmful agents. Several plant products are rich in phytochemicals such as broccoli, garlic, onions, turnips and soy beans.

Stack your fridge with

  • Garlic, onions and other herbs: They help excrete carcinogens.

  • Cruciferous vegetables (like cabbage, cauliflower, radishes, turnips, mustard greens, etc): They protect the cell?s DNA from damage and mutation.

  • Whole Pulses: They help stop tumors from spreading.

  • Whole grain products: They protect the cell from damage.

  • Fruits: Help in the excretion and elimination process.

  • Raw, cooked, canned and juiced products all contain phytochemicals effective in preventing cancer.


Did you know that the darker the color of the fruit, the more cancer fighting properties it has?


Vitamin D

Vitamin D Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and aids in calcium absorption. Its cancer-fighting abilities are also widely popular since it has been shown to affect the growth of cancer cells. Studies show that vitamin D lowered the risk of breast cancer development by as much as 50%. Lung cancer patients have also benefited from the vitamin, increasing their chances of survival. Vitamin D can naturally be acquired through sun exposure (of short durations). Food sources include seafood and milk.



Tea Tea together with other plant-based foods has flavonoids that are effective in ridding the body of harmful chemicals and toxins. Kaempferol is one flavonoid that particularly fights cancer; a small amount taken daily protects women from ovarian and breast cancer. Other sources of kaempferol include broccoli, brussel sprouts and grape fruit.


Green Tea is gaining popularity for it′s anti-cancer properties and it′s role in increasing the longevity of human beings.



Ginger This is one of the most common ingredients of Indian food and is added as a flavor to tea during the winter season. Ginger directly acts on cancer cells and kills them by triggering the cells to self-destruct or by purposely eating themselves. Incidences of ovarian cancer were shown to be reduced by the intake of ginger. Another advantage was that human beings do not develop resistance towards ginger unlike other anti-cancer drugs. Patients can then incorporate the herb regularly in their diet to control cell growth and damage.


Turmeric This is a common herb with anti-inflammatory properties used profoundly in Indian curries as a spice. Turmeric interferes with cancer cell communication, inhibiting growth and invasion. Bladder, rectal and colorectal cancers have shown promising changes since the herb manages inflammation that is a major mediator of several cancers.


Researchers are also investigating cumin, chilies, kalakhar, Amrita Bindu, and various other plant seeds for their apparent cancer preventive properties.

Know about Cancer Causing Food

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