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Dental and Oral Health Care

Oral and dental system is very important component of the health. Teeth have important work of chewing food and making it ready for digestion. It is a part of the body which needs to be taken care of for good health. Proper nutrition and care is required to maintain oral hygiene and health. Studies have shown that poor dental care in children can create behavioral and developmental problems. Research has shown that poor dental care results in major health concerns.

So, it is very important to consider oral health care as important as general health care is considered.

Following are some guidelines to maintain Oral and Dental Health -

  • Dental Care Products - Brushing twice a day, flossing your teeth and use of tooth paste are the key factors in oral health.
    • Tooth Brush - It must be with a soft - medium bristles and small tip as it can reach out to every small part of your mouth. Make it sure that its bristles are round ended.  Tooth brush must be changed after every three months. One must brush the teeth two times in a day.
    • Tooth Paste - Fluoride based toothpaste is preferred as it avoids tooth decay. Especially for children fluoride is important to avoid tooth decay. Studies have shown that 40-60% tooth decay is lowered with the help of fluoride tooth paste. Generally Total effect toothpaste is best option as it gives protection against all problems like - plaque, dental carries, gum diseases, freshening the breath.
    • Floss - It is a thin nylon filament that is used to remove food particles from the gap between the teeth. It is inserted in the thin gap between the teeth and scraped along.
    • Mouth Wash – It is used as a daily dental care routine. it refreshes the breath and dislodge the food debris.  It also contain anti bacterial agents which helps in avoiding decay.
    • Chewing Gum – It is a approved oral health care product by IDA. Having sugar free chewing gum after meal helps in maintaining oral health.
  • Oral Health for Child - Dental health for kids is very important form their health point of view.  Proper nutrition with hygiene must be thought to them.
    • For small babies even before the teeth being to erupt, clean their gums with wet cotton cloth after every feed.  Once teeth erupt use soft, small sized brush.
  • Nutrition and Dental Health
    • Primary tooth development starts at two months of gestation and permanent tooth development starts several before birth. Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin AVitamin C are essential nutrients for the teeth development. Deficiency of these nutrients can affect tooth development.
    • Once the teeth formation is complete – minerals have fewer roles to play. They are very important at the time of development.
    • Vitamin C is very important nutrient for gum diseases.
    • Sports drink, lemonade, soda shown corrosive effect on your teeth, studies suggest. Acid which used to give tangy taste to drink, cause erosion and dental decay.

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