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Dietary Tips for Young Children During Summers Dietary Tips for Young Children During Summers

Dietary Tips for Summer

Children going to school feel the heat as buses or classrooms may not be air-conditioned and they return home at noon time when the sun is extremely hot. Moreover, they may have to play in the sun or have physical activities which may exhaust them in the hot weather.

Diet tips to protect children from this extreme Indian summer heat: 

  • Purchase a good quality large water bottle and fill with chilled water and ice so that the child has fresh water to drink always.
  • Give the child small fruit juice boxes, Glucon-C pouches to sip on during class intervals to avoid heat fatigue.
  • Prefer to offer a healthy cool breakfast like porridges, cereals, cold sandwiches, water melons for breakfast. At times, children do not like to eat during summers due to heat and nausea related to traveling. Hence, pack two tiffin boxes, one for breakfast and one for lunch. Ask the child to eat before morning assembly or any time between classes before the teacher enters.
  • Offer simple fresh but simple home cooked meals like rice and dal along with curds/lassi with plenty of cool salads like cucumbers. Meals should be fresh, light and easy to digest in summer.
  • Avoid giving cut fruits/vegetables in tiffin boxes as bacterial growth accelerates in cut produce during summers and may lead to gastric disturbances.

A Generic Diet Chart for Children During Summers






Cold milk with cornflakes and a banana.

Easy to digest and quick meal.

On reaching school

Sip on Glucon- C with water from bottled.

Give the child a small sippy cup with lid, with two teaspoonful of glucon-C. The child can add water from bottle and drink this to gain instant energy to start the day at school.


Vegetable Poha with mint coriander chutney.

Mint coriander chutney is very cooling and good for stomach too especially during summers.

On reaching home

A glass of sweet salted Lassi/Lemonade/Aam Panna

Fresh nourishing beverages which will replenish electrolytes lost due to heat and sweat.


Phulkas with any vegetable preparation of choice and a cucumber/lauki raita.

A light meal is easy to digest. Heavy proteins like eggs/paneer/non-veg or rich gravies/fried foods induce more heat in the body and should be avoided during summers.

Post lunch while studying/watching T.V

A bowl of water melon

A very health fruit for summer.


Chilled glass of any fruit shake with a cold cucumber sandwich

A refreshing snack after play time


Rice and dal/kadhi with vegetables and salads

Simple easy to digest but wholesome meal


A bowl of chilled rice kheer/custard/banana lollies/fruit yogurt.

Chilled desserts are relished in summers. Try these home-made nourishing desserts than ice-creams.


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Tina Khanna
DesiDieter Diet Expert

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