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 Diet and Nutrition

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Eat Good, Look Good, Feel Good Eat Good, Look Good, Feel Good

You are what you eat! The foods you consume impact your overall wellbeing. Nourishment from within will radiate out in your appearance.

Glowing skin, healthy looking hair and good energy levels make you feel good and truly look good too.

Dietician Tina Khanna, shared insights with Pragya Channel on how to eat well to look good:

  1. Whole grain cereals are an important part of the meal platter.
  2. Refined cereals should be avoided.
  3. Proteins are necessary.
  4. Calcium is to be taken from dairy.
  5. Sugar intake should be limited.
  6. Fruits, dry fruits, spices and condiments provide antioxidants.
  7. Green leafy vegetables are important.

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    Really informative and valuable. Thanks for sharing this info with all us. Step up height increaser
    2014-06-13 23:02:40

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