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Find a Walking Buddy Find a Walking Buddy

Healthy WalkingIf you have been procrastinating from the so required daily walking; it is time you find yourself a walking buddy. A walking buddy will remind you, motivate you, push you and moreover walk with you. The goals for two of you will be mutual - benefitting each other while walking for health.

Although finding a walking buddy cannot be difficult but your health partner should be available and dependable.

Both of you should be able to accommodate each other’s schedule. Now, it is very difficult to adjust to each other’s timetable so how about finding a mate who acclimatizes to your schedule. Well, only a clock or a trained pet can do that .

You can walk with both but a clock is an inert motivation to be walking buddy. How about a canine? Great pets! Dog, a best friend indeed as are great stress relievers. They can improve your mood and can shave off loneliness. They also give unconditional love and support. Apart from all these, dogs give encouragement for you to stay out of your house and exercise.

Walking with your pet also adds security from potential hooligans or eve teasers on roads; it does not only provide you enjoyment and companionship but also improves your health.

A study in Canada presented that dog lovers walk for 500 hours a week compared to those without pets who only averaged 1 1/2 hours. If you’re a dog lover, spending time with your dog is very ideal.

Here are some useful tips before walking with your dog:

Choose a dog that will match your lifestyle and be sure that the dog is trained. Your dog should have a good level of obedience for your walk to be fun. It would cause a lot of problem in your part if your dog will be speeding faster than you can run! Use a dog collar to control your dog and to avoid it to go away. Collars with embedded microchips or tattoos are also useful identification when dogs get lost.

Check on the places you plan to walk. Some places would not allow dogs in the vicinity so it’s always safe to check first. Parks, sidewalks and paths off the road are ideal places to walk with the dog.

The preparedness of your dog is also essential. Ensure your pet’s health and desire to walk with you. Consulting a veterinarian to make sure that the dog is in good condition without any medical problems is a good move. Avoid walking in direct or extreme heat and stop to rest once in a while. Keep in mind that dogs cannot sweat; it’s therefore necessary to keep them in shady areas to let them to rest.

Carry essential things such as water and pooper scooper. You should bring fresh water which you and your pet can drink and separate water for washing your hands.

With all these tips lies the main purpose of your walk. It’s for your own sake for you to stay fit and healthy. The dog is just an added salvo, a motivation to walk an extra distance.

What then are the benefits of dog walking to your health? Here are some which researchers pointed out:

Dog lovers who walk their dog are observed to be more friendly and approachable. Because socialization is apparent while walking, the tendency for dog owners to mingle with other owners is increased. Having a dog is a good starting point to open up a conversation about pet caring, grooming, etc.

Because walking is a certified health booster, having a dog as a companion will increase your enthusiasm about exercising and thus will enhance your walking capability. Dog can keep you walking extra miles and this will persuade you to walk for longer miles at a longer time. Skipping walking will almost be impossible because of your duty to your dog and with the dog’s commitment and faithfulness to the exercise program. A certain study by R. Johnson revealed that owners are persuaded to walk with their dogs to keep their pet healthy not being aware however that their health is kept good as well.  

Walking with the dogs can shave off excess pounds on your body. A study in University of Missouri revealed that individuals who walk with their dogs regularly shed a lot of weight in a year. Disabled participants on the other hand who initially walks for 10 minutes a day have increased their walks to 20 minutes. For 50 weeks they have lost a total of 14 pounds on the average.

Dog is actually a man’s best friend. Make a health buddy this season. Walk with your dog and improve your bonding, social skills and also reduce anxiety from every day’s stress.

Consult our dietitian and fitness experts to get tips on walking. For more information on diet, nutrition, health, weight loss or fitness contact DesiDieter Health and Diet Experts.

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