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Five Ayurvedic Tips for your Hair this Winter Five Ayurvedic Tips for your Hair this Winter

Winter is here and your need to protect your hair from the chill! Most of us face the problem of dry, dull hair during winters. What can you do to make sure that your hair stays looking wonderful all year long!

  1. Ayurvedic Tips for your HairOils are used as a protective conditioner and for treating problems of the hair and scalp. They can be used daily to protect hair from various ailments. Apply oils to the scalp daily as a pre-wash to treat scalp conditions. Do pre-wash oiling on dry hair at least 30 minutes before washing. Non-wash day oiling can be done on dry or damp (misted) hair depending on how hair reacts to oiling. Amount used depends on hair length and how much oil the hair absorbs. Start with small amounts and increase as needed. Some useful oils that can be used for oiling are Amla oil, Coconut oil, Mustard oil and sesame oil.
  2. In the winter season, dandruff is a common problem. For this, mix the juice of lemon with some coconut oil and apply on to the scalp overnight. Wash in the morning. It has magical effects on dandruff conditions.
  3. ArticleWashing is an important part of hair care. For this, you can use the following hair washing recipe:

    Take 2 tbsp. of shikakai powder and 2 tbsp. amla powder. Add 4 cups of heated water to powdered herbs. Allow to steep until comfortably warm (at least 5 minutes), strain (use a metal tea filter), and pour over wet hair and massage in. Wash thoroughly. The amla is conditioning, but for a little extra boost, apply coconut oil as a prewash treatment and apply a conditioning rinse after washing.
  4. ArticleTake two tablespoons of powdered hibiscus flowers and mix with a cup of boiling water. Let cool. Apply to hair and leave for 5 to 20 minutes. Rinse well. Gives shine and cleans non-oiled hair well. Would be good for those who want to wash very often (daily or every other day) or for non-oiled naturally dry hair/ scalp.
  5. Normally, pre-wash oiling and using conditioning herbs in the washing mix serve as the conditioners. However, for additional conditioning needs or for deep treatments following the conditioning recipe given below can be used in the winters:

    5 flowers of hibiscus, one tablespoon fenugreek seeds (coarse powder or just crushed) and 1 table spoon of arrowroot powder/starch.

    Mix arrowroot powder or starch with a little bit of water to get a solution. Make a large mug of strong tea with hibiscus and fenugreek. Strain and add arrowroot solution. Allow to cool and use as a conditioning rinse.

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  • FrankPrice
    These five Ayurveda tips will help a lot in keeping our hair in good length and reduce the hair fall as per best homework help. It is always better to use naturally made oils which are from flowers.
    2016-09-07 06:58:53
  • Khusi
    Shahnaz Husain brings a perfect solution for hair loss - Shamla Scalp Cleanser formulation contains Amla (Embolic officinal is) which adds body to the hair and makes them stronger, a powerful scalp and hair cleanser, helps to remove loose dandruff flakes. It also thickens the hair shaft and promotes hair luster.Method of Use : Recommended for natural to dry hair. Its combination with SHARINSE is recommended to improve texture.Some other products are also there at for hair control.SHATONE
    2013-07-12 05:18:07

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