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How to Baby Proof the House How to Baby Proof the House

A baby will always be the most vulnerable member of any family besides the elderly. This is simply because of their young age and helplessness. It is the sole responsibility of the parents or one who is taking care of the baby to make home safe for the baby. Accidents can be prevented if the house is made as baby-friendly as possible.

How do you baby proof your home?

Few tips to Baby Proof your Home:


1. Get rid of insects.

Using insecticide sprays is not advisable since this might be inhaled by the baby causing distress to his or her respiratory health. The least that one can do is make the house as clean as possible to avoid infestation because of filth. Keep the trash cans covered to not attract cockroaches and flies. Putting screens on your windows and a screen door can help avoid insects.

2. Keep sharp and other unsafe items out of children′s reach.

Keep matches, sharp utensils, lighters and other dangerous things in cabinets where only adults can access them. There should always be safety boxes or drawers where you can secure unsafe items.

3. Place safety features on furniture and other spots that the baby can access.

In the kitchen, use safety items that will make free-standing ovens like microwaves secured to the wall. On low level cabinets, use the baby-safe latches that are available to secure the doors.  Tip-resistant brackets can secure furniture from getting knocked over as well.

For toddlers who have just learned to walk, it′s unpredictable when they will just run off through a door. Place safety gates that will set boundaries between the different rooms.

For the bathroom, safety guards on doorknobs will make your baby less prone to accidents. The lids of toilet seats should always be put down and special lid locks can be used to keep them from being opened by your curious youngster. Non-skid mats can help avoid slips. In the shower or bathtub it′s a good idea to make use of adhesive safety strips.

Ground fault circuit breakers can be installed to protect electrical outlets and prevent electric shocks.

Use cord gatherers to prevent children from fidgeting on cords and tripping can be avoided, too. The cords of window blinds must always be wound up.

4. Playpens can be safety pens.

A small playpen where a baby can spend some leisure time playing with various toys can be either hazardous or good for a baby. A safety pen is made of materials that are sturdy enough so that a baby that′s jumping like crazy won′t destroy it. It should also be either padded or made of soft material so that it won′t hurt the baby if it accidentally hits his or her head on it. The flooring of the playpen should be soft enough to not hurt the baby when it falls.

5. Inedible items, medications and other hazardous or choking materials should be kept somewhere safe out of reach of exploring little fingers.

Cabinets with safety latches are also useful in keeping medicines and chemicals out of children′s reach. Make sure that you also label all of the medications, ingredients and other items that are used for the baby, especially when you hire a babysitter. This will keep your babysitter from incurring any confusion or mishap.

6. Keep your presence of mind intact.

Common sense should tell you that with or without a baby around, you are not supposed to leave any electrical device plugged unattended. Any heavy device that can topple from a table should be secured, too. Reducing clutter makes it easier to prevent your baby from swallowing anything that can choke him or her. Anything that can pinch or anything that can hurt your baby must be kept somewhere safe.

Aside from those bits of advices, there′s no way of keeping your baby safe 100% of the time. By keeping a close eye on your baby, you can easily ward accidents off or respond more immediately to whatever untoward situation he or she may be put in.

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