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Importance of Blood Donation Importance of Blood Donation

All donations to charity make a difference, whether they consist of money, clothing, or simply a couple of hours spent volunteering. While every contribution is equally important, nothing is comparable to the donation of human blood. In spite of the remarkable achievements of medical science today, there is no factory that manufactures blood. It is only in human beings that human blood is made and circulated. For those who require blood for saving their lives, sharing from other fellows is the only means. Hence, donation – rather voluntary donation is the only way of accumulating blood at safe storage to meet emergency requirements for saving lives.

Blood Donation and its Advantage

Blood donation, the voluntary act of allowing one′s blood to be drawn out of body has many advantages. No doubt the first and foremost advantage of donating blood is the exalted feeling of saving someone′s life. If we donate the little excess blood in our body, it could save someone′s life without creating any problem for us.

The average amount of blood present in an adult is 4-5 liters or about 8% of the body weight. Life cycles of the different components are short. The RBC lives about 120 days while white cells last about 3-9 days. New blood cells are constantly generated in the body. A person can donate blood 168 times during his 18 to 60 years. The quantity of blood present in 1kg of body weight is 76ml for males and 66 ml for females. Out of this 8 ml per kg body weight can be donated. Males can donate for every three months while females for every four months. All donated blood is recuperated within 21 days. At one time only 350 ml will be taken from a donor.

Blood donation is harmless and safe in the body.

Rather, it is a social responsibility. The donor is donating for it as it will be used in saving lives of his fellow beings. He himself may use the same in his own need. So today’s donor may be tomorrow’s recipient.

The whole process of blood donation - from the time you arrive until the time you leave - ordinarily lasts no more than one hour. The donation itself takes only about fifteen minutes. Your single donation can help as many as three people, and can be at a hospital in as little as 48 hours, ready for a critically ill patient.

Blood donation also burns the extra calories and reduces your cholesterol level.

After donating blood, the count of blood cells decreases in our body, which stimulates the bone marrow to produce new red blood cells in order to replenish the loss. So, it stimulates the production of new blood cells and refreshes the system.

In times of accidental injuries that shed huge amounts of blood and also in various types of surgical operations for medical treatments, blood is required for transfusion. Unavailability of blood may cost lives. Hence, importance of blood donation is tremendous. This is the greatest gift one can do for the mankind.

There are no major disadvantages of donating blood, except that sometimes one may experience a drop in blood pressure or mild nausea or dizziness for a short while. But if you compare the health benefits and mental satisfaction that comes from saving a life, you will feel that benefits of this act of charity are not only restricted to the recipient, but also helps the donor immensely.

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