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Move with the Times - New Fitness Trends Move with the Times - New Fitness Trends

Bored with the same fitness routines? Are you a fitness freak who gets bored doing the same exercises day in and day out? Or are you someone who finds working out in the gym not exciting enough? Well, here are some new fun fitness trends that might catch your fancy:

Piloxing: A unique mix of Pilates and boxing that promises to burn the fat as well as tone up the muscles. Using heavy gloves, it blends the flexibility, coordination and the graceful moves of Pilates with the speed and power of boxing. No wonder this new trend has the who’s who of Hollywood sweating it out to promising results.
Wii Fitness: A fitness video game created by Hiroshi Matsunaga, it takes working out at home to a new level. In this the player stands on a special balance board (which uses Bluetooth technology and pressure sensors that measures the persons center of balance) and can choose to do yoga, aerobics or strength training. The difference between Wii Fitness and regular workout DVD’s is that it provides an on-screen personal trainer who is able to direct and evaluate the user.
Cardio Tennis: Love tennis but can’t find someone to play with every day? Try Cardio Tennis. This non-stop group fitness class is based on tennis moves while also combining other endurance building exercises, so the whole group gets a workout while improving their strokes. It promises a total body workout which is more than what you get with just tennis. Like circuit training or boot camp, it includes activities like running, cycling, and squats while trying to hit tons of tennis balls and unlike traditional tennis the emphasis is on movement rather than technique.
Zumba: Hate to exercise but love to dance? Then Zumba is tailor made for you. The craze was accidentally started by Alberto Perez, an aerobics instructor in Columbia. He apparently forgot to get his traditional aerobics music one day and had to play the salsa and meringue tapes that he had. This resulted in a class that not only had an electrifying workout but also learnt to burn the fat while dancing. Zumba now also incorporates disco, samba, mambo, belly dancing and even some Bollywood moves.
Water Aerobics: Also called ‘Waterobics’, ‘AquaFit’ or ‘Aqua Aerobics’, this involves doing aerobic exercises in shallow water. The benefit of exercising in water is that it makes you feel lighter and hence running, jumping or moving in water does not have the same impact on the body and joints as when the same is done on land. Hence, it has lesser risks and can be done by people who have back problems, arthritis or knee problems. It also strengthens muscles as exercising in water is supposed to provide about 12 times more resistance than air.
Dancing: You can burn calories with almost any kind of dance. Search your neighborhood for some dance classes - the more exotic the name, the better. If the traditional Bharatanatyam or Kathak is not your cup of tea, you could try things like bollywood dancing, disco Yoga, masala bhangra or even African rhythms!
Whatever you choose - keep in mind the important thing is to keep your body moving!
*Before starting any exercise routine, talk to your doctor and find out if you are fit to exercise.

Consult our dietitians and fitness experts to know more about walking, fitness exercises, weight loss diet plans or any other information.

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  • Juanita
    Wow! I totally loved reading your article and am so intrigued by some of these new fitness routines. Piloxing? Never heard of that before but it sure sounds interesting. Wow two totally different kinds of moves in one routine. Whoever thought about it is a real genius. Zumba of course has taken the world by storm of late and itís not surprising too. The energetic music and moves make this exercise routine lots of fun. Water aerobics are perfect for working out in the summer and the Wii workout is just the thing for working out indoors. Youíve definitely got a great compilation of workouts here. Fitness And Exercise Program
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