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Amalaki Rasayana - Benefits Amalaki Rasayana - Benefits


Benefits of Amalaki or Amla

  • As a rejuvenative herb, Amla nourishes all the body tissues and accelerates the cell regeneration process. It also cleanses the rasa dhatu (plasma) and rakta dhatu (blood).
  • Amla contains five out of the six ayurvedic tastes-all except salty--and with its powerful cleansing and nourishing qualities, it helps maintain energy levels and natural vitality.
  • Amla is the most potent source of natural vitamin C known to humanity. The vitamin C in Amla is not easily destroyed by heat or light, and is more easily assimilated by the body than synthetic vitamin C.
  • As a powerful antioxidant, Amla helps scavenge free radicals. Free radicals are unstable oxygen-based ions in the body that have been linked to disease and premature aging. Amla also helps build up the body′s immune system. Amla helps build ojas--the finest essence of the digestive process that sustains physical, mental, emotional, sensual and spiritual well-being.
  • Amla is powerful food for the brain. Amla maximizes mental potential and coordinates dhi, dhriti, and smriti--learning, retention and memory.
  • Amla cleanses hydrates and nourishes the skin and enhances natural luster.
  • Amla is a wonderful tonic for the eyes because it has a beneficial effect on Alochaka Pitta, the sub-dosha of Pitta that governs vision.
  • Amla is excellent for strengthening the roots of your hair and maintaining its color and luster. That is why, Amla is an ubiquitous ingredient in ayurvedic hair oils and shampoos.
  • Amla is known for its ability to pacify Pitta dosha. By pacifying Pitta dosha, Amla cools down the body, mind and emotions, improves the ability to withstand stress and promotes inner strength and stability. Amla also helps balance stomach acid because of its ability to pacify Pitta.
  • Because it helps balance Apana Vata, the downward flow of energy in the body, Amla is useful for regulating elimination and supporting the urinary tract. For women, Amla helps balance the factors related to menstruation. For both men and women, Amla is helpful in maintaining reproductive area health.
  • By pacifying Shleshaka Kapha, Amla helps maintain the health of the respiratory system, particularly the lungs.
  • Amla is the supplement of choice for athletes because it is reported to boost protein metabolism and helps build lean body mass. Because it helps enhance metabolism, it is also good for weight management.
  • Research studies show that Amalaki helps lower cholesterol and helps protect the body from the effects of heavy metals.
  • Amla helps maintain the health and functioning of the liver, allowing it to efficiently eliminate toxins from the body. Even accumulated toxins stored in the liver can be flushed out over time with regular use of Amalaki rasayana.
  • This wonder herb helps your body get the most out of the food you eat. It stokes the 13 digestive fires gently, without increasing body heat and stomach acid, and helps the body to absorb iron, calcium and other nutrients from foods more efficiently.

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