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Diabetes: The Warning Signs Diabetes: The Warning Signs

Diabetes - Do′s & Don′t′s


  • Have timely meals & eat about the same amount of food each day
  • Have three proper meals & light snacks in between
  • Check your blood sugar level regularly
  • Check your weight from time to time & always maintain an ideal body weight


  • Do not feast or fast
  • Do not eat immediately after a workout
  • Do not smoke or take any form of tobacco
  • Do not drink alcohol

Factors affecting your blood sugars include

  • Food: What and how much you eat and the time of day, affects your blood sugar level.
  • Exercise: The more active you are, the lower your blood sugar is.
  • Medication: Medication used to control hypertension & cholesterol can increase blood sugar.
  • Illness: Fever or other illnesses can raise your blood sugar level.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol counts as carbohydrate calories to your diet.

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