Good Carbs For Fat Loss


Carbohydrates are not bad. We eat them wrong-ly. Carbohydrates provide energy and spare the proteins for better job like repair and making you stronger. So you need the carbs.
A balanced diet needs to contain a proper mix of Carbohydrates, Proteins & Fats. Sugars are carbohydrates. Dietary carbohydrates also include the complex carbohydrates starch and fiber. During digestion all carbohydrates except fiber break down into sugars.
Carbohydrate requirement can be calculated. With the DesiDieter Carbohydrate calculator you can now learn to break up your nutrient intake and eat wisely.
Learning the amount of carbohydrates required by your body will also encourage you to read the nutrition labels before you zip open a bag.
Cabohydrates have received the vicious paparazzi treatment but it is not all that bad. You can eat all the carbs and still lose weight. DesiDieter does not encourage you to eat just protein or fruits all day.
We want you to well balanced meal with carbohydrates, proteins and hint of fat. How do you do it? Well, this is how:
Check your carbohydrate requirement using the carbohydrate calculator.

Ask your nutritionist to give you the carbohydrate break up in a day.


Accordingly follow the quantities.
Keep breakfast as carbohydrate rich, lunch medium carbohydrate and dinner low or no carbs on you menu.
Include whole grains in diet. that is, multi grain bread, wheat bran, whole wheat flour, oats, muesli, barley, bajra, rye, buckwheat.
Consider a banana as a healthy snack equaling to two bread slices.
An apple is a good carbohydrate snack. Learn Recipes with Apples.
Potatoes are not fattening, we fatten on them by eating more or combining with fat. Potatoes can also make you lose weight. Do you know of the Potato Diet?
Pulses and beans are also rich in carbohydrate along with protein; so a bowl of rajma salad is perfect dieter’s food and you don’t need rice to go along with it.
Learn to portion size your carbohydrates. Rice, breads, chappaties, idlis, poha, upma, dosa- lesser the better in a meal.
Sugar is carbohydrates too. So cut back on all thing sweet.
These are just a few of our suggestions. You have anything to say? Please feel free to leave us a comment.
Tina Khanna
DD Expert