Weight Loss - from Start to End

Weight Loss PackagesWhat exactly does it take to motivate you to reduce your weight?

On and off we are on diet to shed some Kilos to get in shape or for figure correction. For those who have done it prior have a “know-it-all” feeling while for those who have just arrived on the scene gets lost amidst the information overflow. For both, it is pertinent to have a proper guidance assuring right information could be leveraged to assure desired results.

We need to clearly understand that what exactly is required for weight loss and the factors which we must consider while making weight loss plan.

Firstly know your body, weight pattern, family history, lifestyle for past couple of years, physical activity (including household work, work nature, commuting to places) etc. Though we usually know about BMI ranges, other factors equally contribute in maintaining ideal body weight.

You need to understand your weight pattern from your childhood, Family history or life style of the family e.g. - typical physique or body structure of family members as it plays a major role.

Considering all these factors you can set realistic goals for yourself with the help of your Dietitian.

Second important thing in weight loss regimen is to plan your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedule. In this try and make small changes in your life style. Try to maintain your rate of interest/enthusiasm throughout the time.  These things will help you to get steady results. Small changes may not result in marked weight loss, but it will be easy to maintain and carry forward.  Plan a target for yourself and make a record of it. You can make use of Diet diary or health trackers for that. Achieving 80% of your plan is also helpful. Do not feel guilty if you fail to achieve 100% or 90%. Based on this record you can improve yourself. Take your weight loss challenge positively and make it a part of your life style ..

Once you have reached to your ideal body weight, try to maintain it with the help of life style medication tips. It will not be that difficult to maintain. But if you will go back to your previous life style – it will revert all your efforts. Moderation is the key for weight related issues. So, go ahead and get started with it!!

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