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Rainbow Diet Rainbow Diet

Human life is incomplete without the colors. Have you ever thought of the importance and role of color in our daily life? Psychologically there are four prime colors – red, blue, yellow and green. Red color correlates to energy; blue - intellectual, yellow - emotional, white  - sterility, green - balance and violet - spiritual.  These colors also affect our health by the means of diet and nutrition.

Different Colors and their role in Rainbow Diet -

Blue, Purple and Red -
These dark color foods provide protection against cancer, tendon injury, blood vessel damage. The active agent is anthocyanins which is antioxidant with potential to fight at cellular level. Lycopene is second active agent fighting against prostate cancer. Black berry, blue berry, prunes, purple cabbage, eggplant, red apple, tomato, beetroot etc are included in this group.

Orange or Yellow -
Carotenoid, beta-carotene which is the vitamin A present in fruits and vegetables is very effective antioxidant. It also plays role in improving immunity of the body. Selenium reduces oxidative damage at cellular level which fights against cancer. Fruits and vegetables like orange, sweet lime, banana, grapefruit, sweet corn, carrot, pumpkin etc are included in this group.

Green -
Chlorophyll is the active ingredient in green vegetables. It has beneficial role in fighting against cancer, maintaining eye health, boost body’s immunity, etc. Vitamin B12 is also provided through green leafy vegetables.

White -
Anthoxanthine and flavonoids are present in mushrooms, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, apple, tea, white wine etc. They protect body from harmful effects of chemical, pollution, uv rays, cigarette smoke, etc.

Based on the above information one can easily make out that this diet mainly includes intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. There is no restriction for any food item. One need to select food from the spectrum of rainbow to maintain good health, fight against diseases such as cancer, type 2 diabetes, blood vessel damage, obesity etc.

While selecting food from rainbow diet you can follow 80% and 20% formula. 80% must come from vegetarian sources and 20 can be from non veg source. Also add one to three serving of nuts and oil seeds in your meal. You can imagine your plate as a rainbow and select the foods.

  • Select red colored foods when your energy level is low and need initial boost.
  • Orange color foods are best antidepressant and stop you feeling sorry for yourself.
  • Yellow colored foods can help you in get rid of obsession thoughts and over eating.
  • Green can make you feel more balanced and blue will give feeling of calm.

Try these tips when you have your mood swings and take benefits of the rainbow diet. Let the colors fill in your life the health and well being forever!!!

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