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Riya Sen Gives Insight On How To Look Beautiful Riya Sen Gives Insight On How To Look Beautiful

What does age mean to you?

Nothing can stop you from getting older. I believe it’s all in your mind! So I avoid negativity by not thinking about it.
Do you think you look good for your age?
I feel I look fantastic for my age. I don’t want any cosmetic surgery.
What is your beauty regime to look young every single day?
Firstly, I never sleep with my make-up on. I invest in expensive skin care products. I use Neutrogena cleanser for removing make-up. For skin, I use La Mer moisturizing cream. Also I make sure that the lip brushes, make-up sponges and blushers are washed after every two days. I oil my hair regularly with almond oil.
Is the price of a skin product indicative of its quality for you?
Yes, I think so. A cheap variant can never you the desired results on your skin. One must pamper one’s skin with the most quality products irrespective of the price if one can afford.
Is fitness important to avoid ageing?
I’m not into fitness too much. My good genes have given me good looks.
What do you recommend to keep looking younger always?
Have Lots of water and always carry water wherever you are. Try it for a week and see the difference.
Who apart from you has a glowing and young skin in the industry?
My mom (Moon Moon Sen, we agree). HI
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Article Written By Shagun Singhal Garg For HEALINDIA July - August 2010.
With Permission From HEALINDIA, Shared and Distributed By DesiDieter.

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