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Smriti's Perspective on Why do you crave sugar after a meal? Smriti's Perspective on Why do you crave sugar after a meal?

You have just finished a extravagant 4 course meal, but instead of feeling full you end up craving for something more – something sweet. Logic would suggest that since eating food increases our blood sugar levels, one should no longer have to fight the sweet tooth after a meal.

However, this obviously is not the case. While several theories have been suggested to explain this phenomenon, there doesn’t seem to be a consensus about the same.

Some nutritionists suggest that, the post meal sugar craving stems from the age-old custom of offering desserts at the end of the meal.

However, certain neuroscientists suggest a much more complex biochemical work in action.

Certain people suffer from a condition called post prandial cerebral hypoglycemia - in simple words, their sugar levels in brain drops after a heavy meal. Sugar being the primary source of energy to brain, it sends signals for immediate replenishment, which in turn causes a sugar craving. The exact cause of the brain sugar level drop is not known, but some believe, it might be caused due to more blood being diverted to the digestive system to process the large amount of food.

So, now coming to the core question, how to avoid this craving? The simplest solution would be to avoid heavy meals totally; but that’s easier said than done, especially when you need to attend parties. Here are a few tips that can reduce your sugar craving and enjoy the fulfilling satiety after a wholesome meal:

  • Eat slowly and take breaks between each course. This will reduce the sudden load on your system
  • Sipping cold water or similar drinks through the meal also seems to help. Avoid alcoholic beverages; they can aggravate the sugar craving.
  • Include small amounts of fruits in the salad.
  • Avoid too many dairy-based foods. They are rich in a type of protein that causes sugar craving.

If nothing helps, just wait it out. Studies suggest that the craving lasts for 3 to 4 hours post meal. So, control yourself for a few hours and you will not feel like or want to eat the sugary stuff anymore.

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