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Strength Training for Women Strength Training for Women

In India a Myth prevails that a woman should avoid strength training as they will lose femininity and grow muscular like men. Contrary to this belief, strength training is actually an essential part of a woman′s workout ritual.

To build bulging muscles, an essential hormone named testosterone is vital. Women lack these hormones and so it is not possible that women would build bulging muscles which would affect their femininity. Women instead can workout to cultivate a well toned body.

More and more women are now realizing this and are switching over to strength training along with cardiovascular activities.

In today′s world, busy and career oriented women are giving 100% to work and home. To support such physical and mental challenges and stress, it is important that they pay attention to their body. Strength training can help women achieve this - "The fitter you are, the less are the chances to develop any kind of injury and the easier it would be to carry out daily chores".

Tips for Strength Training in Women

Women′s health undergoes a great change when she bears a child. During this time, there is a great chance that a woman would lose her bone density. However, a woman who is doing strength training is better equipped to overcome such challenges.

Cardio Vascular exercise builds endurance in women and strength training helps get our muscles stronger. Stronger muscles better support our bones.

Strength training also helps the bones to absorb calcium better making them stronger. It helps in handling osteoporosis and arthritis later in life. The earlier one starts strength training, the better are the chances of controlling osteoporosis.

As ones age increases we tend to lose strength, but with continuous strength training, we can maintain our vital energy. Increased muscle mass also helps a person burn more calories and help person in weight management too.

There are various strength training exercise which can be done in the comfort of a home or in gym. It is suggested that women do exercise of different body part at different times.

These different body parts and their relevant exercise can be further categorized as follows:

  • Chest and Arms
  • Back and Shoulders
  • Legs and side muscles
  • Abdomen

Abdomen (abs) exercise can be done daily whereas the other parts can be exercised by turns. This way, the workout for all the body parts is done twice a week.

For better fitness level before one starts workout it is also advised to do the following:

  • Get yourself thoroughly checked by a physician, and get their advice.
  • Use proper clothes, shoes and accessories for workout
  • Never do strength training without an instructor. Always get professional help.
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