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Top 5 Tips for Strength Training in Women Top 5 Tips for Strength Training in Women


Tips for Strength Training -

1. Never ignore the warm up session: Do through stretches; it will prepare your body for workout. It is important to do this as it will prevent exercise injuries in future.

2. Watch your breath: While working out, give extra attention to your breath. Doing this is very important as it gives you maximum benefit from your workout.

3. Exercise smoothly: Never do strength-training with jerks. Your exercises should be very uniform and smooth. Also remember to take rest between two different exercises.

4. Do not overdo it: Always take weight which you can handle comfortably. It is good to push yourself to point of fatigue but make sure you don′t overstress yourself.

5. Increase gradually: Once you reach level of comfort and are able to do all your repetitions smoothly, you can increase the weights by 3-5 pounds.

More About Strength Training for Women

Consult our dietitians and fitness experts to know more about walking, fitness exercises, weight loss diet plans or any other information.


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