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Weight Loss And Fat Loss Are Not The Same Thing Weight Loss And Fat Loss Are Not The Same Thing

Weight loss and fat loss do not mean the same thing.  You must learn to distinguish between the two. The scale can be very misleading if it is the only criteria you use for measurement. For example, a woman could weigh 57 Kg and have 33% body fat.  She would be labeled a “skinny fat person.”  In contrast, a female athlete could weigh same and have only 8% of body fat. So what I am trying to state is that, your goal should never be weight loss. Your goal should be losing fat while maintaining muscle.  As long as your body is solid muscle, then you shouldn’t worry about what the scale says. Your ratio of muscle to fat is what really counts.
The secret to fat loss is to allow you to eat more (of the right foods) and use exercise to burn off the fat. Ironically, most people do the opposite: They slash their calories to starvation levels and exercise little or not at all. This slows the metabolism; decreases lean body mass and invoke the body’s starvation response. Exercise allows you to create the calorie deficit and burn fat without slowing down the metabolism.  
  1. Ensure cardio exercise daily
  2. Add strength training in your exercise budget
  3. Eat low fat diet
  4. Avoid sugar and desserts
  5. Prefer a raw food platter in one meal
  6. Consult nutrition expert for appropriate meal planning
DesiDieter Offers the Perfect Strategy to Get In Shape
We do not believe in crash dieting. Our panel consists of diet experts and fitness experts. The key for a successful program is to allow you to eat right and exercise regularly. You will be offered weight loss plans that suit your needs. Fitness expert will guide you every step to work on your problem areas.
The continuous monitoring of what you eat and how you exercise will ensure that it’s not just kg’s but fat that reduces from your system.
Our diet plans are very well planned keeping the science of Ayurveda, Mediterranean, Blood group plans in mind.
DesiDieter packages are unique and very cost effective. These make the perfect souvenir for a dear one and a healthy excuse to celebrate healthy food J.
Tina Khanna
DD Expert


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