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Weight Management Issues: Odd Working Hours Weight Management Issues: Odd Working Hours

Weight Management - Odd Working Hours

Our body has its own body clock and whenever it is disrupted, it may lead to physical, psychological and emotional conditions like stress, obesity and digestive disorders.

Most of the people working in the service and healthcare industries have experienced the ill effects of odd working hours on their life and their body.

Shift work is stressful and may be associated with health problems like disturbed sleep, insomnia, fatigue, depression and heart disease. Apart from that, night shifts also aggravate symptoms of stress.

Physical problems associated with stress range from something as common as a headache to long term stress diseases like, digestive problems including ulcers, insomnia, fatigue, high blood pressure, nervousness, heart disease, strokes and even cancer.

It may even lead to emotional disturbances like, anxiety, anger, depression, irritability, frustration, over-reaction to everyday problems, memory loss and a lack of concentration for any task.

Beat the Stress

It is inevitable to feel stressed out at work. There are stressful conditions in everybody s life that we simply cannot avoid. It is therefore important to learn some stress management techniques to help us through the stressful conditions of everyday life. You may start taking a break, meditate, spend some time with your family, do things that you enjoy, take up a hobby, listen to soothing music or speak to friends.

Stress busting foods

There are foods that aggravate stressful conditions whereas others make you feel composed. People working late or doing odd working shifts can modify their diet a bit to reduce the effect of stress on their system.

For those doing night shifts or working late, is it important to keep in mind a few tips,

  • Eat small frequent meals, never filling oneself up to full capacity.
  • It is advisable to follow the regular pattern of eating.
  • Start with a heavy meal and reduce the quantity as the day (or night!) goes by.
  • The metabolism is sluggish at night. It is, therefore, important to avoid foods with excess fat and sugar. You may be tempted to grab a cheesy burger and a soft drink while on your desk at night; however, it is good to have a steak or a whole grain sandwich instead.

Odd Working

Another problem that most of the executives face is the lack of proper meals at odd hours. It may be a good idea to carry meals instead of being tempted by high calorie snack available at the cafeteria.

It is also important to maintain a minimum level of physical activity and exercise for at least 30 minutes every day.

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