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Why do you crave sugar after a meal? Why do you crave sugar after a meal?

Sugar is oh-so- sweet! I love it, you love it, and we all love it. But, the bulging belly reminds you every now and then that it is best to avoid sugar.
BTW, do you also face a strong craving to eat something sweet after a meal? Well, you are not alone. It seems that after a big meal there is a strong craving to eat something sweet. Well my logic to this is that as the fuel for brain is sugar; when you eat a complex meal the blood flow is directed towards digesting the meal. The brain starves for fuel or serotonin. Sugars and simple carbohydrates tell the body to release serotonin, improving your mood. An imbalance in the blood sugar levels causes one to crave sweets after a meal as well. If a meal is carbohydrate dense, your blood sugar levels soar high immediately but drop suddenly shortly after the meal. That is why the body and brain again crave sugar for an instant high.
So, what do you do to avoid eating sugar?
  • May I suggest:
  • Allow the craving to pass, the meal takes a while to digest and the blood sugars will stabilize.
  • Avoid eating large meals at one time
  • Preferably, have a good balance of protein and salads with your cereals.
  • To curb the sugar craving, include a bit of fruit or prune to your salad.
Do you have a sweet tooth? Yes
Do you think your sugar intake is affecting your weight? Yes
Do you want to get over your sweet tooth? Yes
Well, we have a solution for you. DesiDieter’s Gold package. Our team of diet experts will guide you how to control your sugar intake. Sweet is allowed in our program. Dark chocolate, fruit yougurt and even a rice pudding will be offered in your diet regime. But moderation is the key. And, only diet experts with experience like DesiDieter can guide you to enjoy a weight loss plan with innovative diet.
Try us and see the difference. We allow, enjoy and yet lose weight.


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