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Is there a quick fix for weight loss?

Is there a quick fix for weight loss?
"Without understanding the history of weight loss, it's difficult to move forward," Miller-Kovach said.

Ads for "bile beans" and bath salts that could transform fat into "strength-giving blood and muscle" show companies have been marketing fad diets and bogus weight loss products for decades.

"We're always looking for a magic bullet," said Lisa Cimperman, a registered dietician at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland. "We don't want to do the work."

An ad for the Graybar Stimulator -- developed in the '20s and "a bargain in health" for only $59.50 -- shows people have always been willing to spend money on a quick fix.

"There's a perceived value. We think: 'If it's expensive, it must work,'" said Cimperman. "It's easier to spend money on a product than it is to go for a run."
There's no quick fix for healthy, sustainable weight loss, Cimperman said. But there are easy ways to cut extra calories without living on grapefruit and spending hundreds on supplements.

"Start by eliminating liquid calories," Cimperman said, such as those in pop, juice and smoothies or the sugar and cream in coffee. Next, make sure that with every meal you include a source of fiber (like whole grains, fruits or vegetables) and a source of protein (like lean meat, low-fat dairy or beans). And finally, have a plan.

"If you can put a little planning into your daily food intake you'll be much more successful than if you're making decisions on the spot," Cimperman said.

Banting wrote: "Of all the parasites that affect humanity I do not know of, nor can I imagine, any more distressing than obesity."

"There's a 150-year history of weight loss," said Miller-Kovach. "I think the difference between then and now is that we have scientific evidence for successful weight loss that wasn't there 100 years ago. My hope is that, while aspiration and inspiration are important in starting a weight loss effort, people make informed choices in looking at their options."

SOURCE: abc News/Health
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Re: Is there a quick fix for weight loss?
I'm on a diet Weight Watchers and I am freaking out beucase my relatives are coming over. I do not know how to stay on the program beucase they really like to eat a lot at restaurants. How do I continue to stay on my program and not gain a lot of weight? I want to lose this week!Thanks for the answers!
Posted by: Anonymous Posted on: 2013-01-21 02:13:54


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