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"The Locavore Diet" - Food For Thought

"the locavore diet" - food for thought
What does Locavore mean?

It means “a person who eats produce grown locally”. In 2007, the New Oxford American Dictionary defined ‘Locavore’ as a person whose diet focuses on foods grown and produced nearby, typically 100 miles. The term was introduced due to increasing trends of using locally grown and seasonally available foodstuffs that can be bought and prepared without the need for extra preservatives.

The “Locavore” movement encourages consumers to buy from farmers markets or even to grow their own food.

Followers of the Locavore diet do it for various reasons. Some follow it to eat organic, some want to reduce their carbon foot print; others support the local farmers and economy.

Nutrition experts are interested in this movement because they believe it may be more wholesome and would actually taste better.

Although, the concept is not new to Indian households as we do buy a lot of produce from the subzi mandis. Grocery shopping is done carefully buying fresh fruits, vegetables and milk on daily basis. Even the spices and condiments are bought from the best of shops and preferred freshly ground.

But, the trend is soon seen to be disappearing. Working women and nuclear families are pushing people to buy frozen, from the malls, packaged foods and whatever is convenient.

Following the strict clan of “Locavores” may not be possible for most but it is interesting to read this new theory:
Even when the highest post-harvest handling standards are adhered to, foods that are grown far away generally spend significant time on the road travelling to you. Therefore, have more time to loss nutrients before reaching the vendor and finally your kitchen.
1. Farmers growing for a local market favor taste, nutrition and diversity over commercialization when choosing varieties. Greater crop diversity from the farmer means greater nutritional diversity for the eater.
2. Understanding direct and local marketing strategies, produce is usually sold within 24 hour after harvest, at its peak freshness and ripeness, making consuming them a more attractive prospect.
3. Locally grown and sold produce is likely to be handled by fewer people, decreasing the potential for damage, and typically not harvested with industrial machinery. Minimizing transportation and processing can ensure maximum freshness and flavor and nutrient retention.

Final words from nutritionists:
• Eat fresh produce. Prefer buying fruits and vegetables on daily basis from local vendors.
• Try and buy right-from-farm produce, if possible.
• Organic may be expensive but healthy. Check if you can find farmers/vendors selling organic produce.
• Whole grain attas should be preferable bought chakki fresh rather than pre-packaged ones.
• Consume whole grains like brown rice, whole pulses rather than refined and processed.
• Keep meals simple and home cooked.
Well, these are just are thoughts on how to bring out the ‘Locavore’ in you. You can get innovative and discover your own rules to be healthy.

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