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What are Hollywood celebrities snacking on?

What are hollywood celebrities snacking on?
Healthy Snack ideas from Hollywood:
Here are some popular snacks that our favourites from Hollywood love snacking on...From Jennifer Aniston to Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford, let's take a peak into the kitchens of these Hollywood hotties. Maybe we'll learn a thing or two about healthy snacking.

Jennifer Aniston – says that the key is to "just stop eating rubbish every day." For Jen that means lots of whole foods low in salt and sugar and no processed foods. Cutting down on processed foods especially for snacking may make a big difference.

Jennifer Hudson - For Jennifer Hudson (winner of American Idol), who has lost a lot of weight with the Weight watchers diet, a typical snack is plain nonfat Greek yogurt with frozen berries. Sounds like a delicious summer treat!

Katy Perry - Katy Perry says that out of sight equals out of mind, which means she keeps potato chips and fried foods far away from her. Instead Katy noshes on grilled chicken and washes that down with soy milk — she also tries to eat everything organic.

Jennifer Garner - Jennifer Garner says that her best snacks are apple, yogurt with boysenberries, and celery with almond butter. Nut butters and yoghurt are excellent snacking ideas as they are filling and healthy.

Cindy Crawford – She snacks between breakfast and lunch and again at 4 pm so that she's not starving by the time she sits down to eat dinner. She consumes fresh vegetables and fresh and dried fruits, yogurt, and crisp breads with low-fat cheese.

And finally, Tyra Banks spilled the beans and talked about how she lost 30 pounds in just six months. Tyra is another fan of healthy snacks like fresh-cut vegetables and fruits, especially papaya slices.

Source: healthmeup
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Re: What are Hollywood celebrities snacking on?
you kind of just force yoluserf. Before you drink soda, kind of just force yoluserf to drink a glass of water before. and keep trying that. Ask yoluserf, are you thristy? If you're not, then don't drink soda. But always drink a glass of water first. Just slowly decrease the amount you drink of soda.
Posted by: Anonymous Posted on: 2013-01-21 12:21:06
Re: What are Hollywood celebrities snacking on?
yeah but how much weight you need to lose is more important. one should not aim just to lose 30 kg in six months..
Posted by: Anonymous Posted on: 2011-07-12 06:39:26


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