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 Diet Myths and Facts

Myth:  I have 'thoda sa diabetes' so I don't really need to take medicines or follow a diet

Fact:  There is no such thing as ′little diabetes′ or as they say in Kannada: "swalpa diabetes idhe". You may be a recently diagnosed diabetic whose sugar levels may have just started to go above the normal level, but that doesn′t mean that you don′t need to take the medication prescribed or follow a diet and exercise. If you choose to ignore the situation thinking that it will ′go away′ then you are wrong. Once diagnosed you need to follow whatever the doctor and the dietitian have prescribed to avoid the complications associated with Diabetes.

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  • Healthji
    Very True..I am not sure if there are any permanent solution / cure for diabetes
    2011-08-31 08:14:21

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