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 The FINAL WINNERS of the "Get in Shape – 2010" Contest

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In the past two months it was amazing to see so many people take interest in this contest.

We would like to personally congratulate each and every one of the participants who took this journey and made it through. We hope we helped you Get in Shape and look forward to keeping you engaged in such future events which promote community and competition. We  hope you can continue your journey and Remain in Shape through out 2010.

Here are the ending Statistics of the Contest

Get in Shape - 2010 Stats
Average BMI 27.60
Glasses Of Water Consumed 35694
Total Fitness Minutes 77724

Hmm…..are you also waiting to hear who scored the most?

Well, our records indicate that Every Person was a WINNER, since each one of you were willing to adapt to a healthier lifestyle, and that is truly a winner’s attitude!

But, since we had to decide the LUCKY Recipient of the prize of $250, based on the maximum Daily Tracking, Consistent Reporting and Written Goal….here we are:


Get in Shape

Continue to Get in Shape

The winner who won $250:


The winner of Gold packages

Indira Paurnima Marathe Kirti251 Saida Knot2share
SP Manjula Siva Manju Snigdha Ramya

What is the Gold Package of DesiDieterTM?

DesiDieter Gold package is your one way ticket to weight loss and fitness. In this package you get:

  • Personalized Diet Consultations
  • Preventive Health Management Program
  • Personalized Health and Wellness Report
  • Twelve Months of Silver Package Included
  • Three Months Unlimited Chat, Email & Telephone Support

Due to the overwhelming response we are happy to announce that we will be continuing to give access to all of you to the tracking site so that you can continue to measure yourself and report out if you are so inclined.

What would really work well is if some of you who are like minded and connected, create smaller groups (and even contests!!) - as the objective of the contest that a community and contest, together, gives the motivation needed to stay on a journey of Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle.



         - The DesiDieter Team