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Why Buy DesiDieter Packages

DesiDieter offers the best diet services at an economically. Our plans are simple yet effective and diet expert Tina Khanna ensures, that you achieve your weight loss goals.   Our clients are placed globally. They find it convenient to connect to a diet expert from India who understands holis

Eat Like An Olympian

All Olympians do is eat! Maybe true but Olympic athletes suffer from many of the same challenges and problems that regular people face when it comes to nutrition and diet. They struggle with temptation and boredom eating. When they aren’t at a training facility, they’re living on their

WORLD THYROID DAY - Burn Fat, Not Muscle

As a part of a new series, I shall be highlighting a few facts each week on how to ensure that you are losing weight the right way. It is essential that you are burning fat and not protein from your body. It is known that muscle actually keeps metabolism up. When you start a diet program you may sta

Gold Is Affordable with DesiDieter

Get In Shape With Best Deal - Package for Just 999INR / $19.99/-. DesiDieter believes weight management should not be expensive. Our objective is to make you lose weight with the most cost effective plans. Our experts also strongly recommend hand held weight management regime for individual trying

DesiDieter Weight Loss Strategy - Get In Shape

Get In Shape 2012 Team Shares Weight Loss Strategy Secrets With YOU   How many kilos should one target to lose in a month? You should target to lose ½ to 1 kg of weight each week for healthy weight loss.   Should one stop eating sugar completely to lose weight? Restricting sug

10 Reasons Why Your Weight is Stuck

This blog is dedicated to those desperate to see weight loss results. If your weight seems to have hit the plateau, check out the possible reasons of why your weight loss has come to a halt even after being strict with the diet and exercise. May be your Weight is stuck because: You are not

Best Excercises for Type 2 Diabetes

Aerobics and Resistance training if done alternately reduces blood sugar levels, a new study found. Variety in your workout routine may be a key to optimal diabetes management, new research suggests. The study found that when people with type 2 diabetes did aerobic exercise some days and resis


Veg Wholesome Meal

4 pieces of macaroni fritters and salted lemonade

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