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Nutrition is the science which deals with food, food consumption and energy generation for cells in the body. Nutrition affects health and nourishment of the body. So, it is a vital part of our life and is not only related to eating and enjoying food. To

Honey: The Magic Ingredient

Ayurvedic as well as Yunani medicine have been using honey as a vital medicine for centuries. It is known to have medicinal properties without any known side effects.

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Parkinson's disease

It is not possible to predict who can be affected by Parkinson's disease. On an average, symptoms first appear when a patient is older than 50. Sometimes, one can be affected under the age of 40 and although the condition is clinically the same, treatment

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I am planning on making our diet alkaline; my colleague has advised me to do so for NF1 tumors. Actually I have been taking “Black Strap Molasses” for low iron content and I could see positive results. Wondering what alkaline diet products really work for gaining weight and anemia Please don’t suggest me ENSURE drink, I had noticed new tumor growth when I started drinking it. Serious replies please thanks

Answer: What is the Alkaline Diet? Other names: alkaline acid diet, acid alkaline diet An alkaline diet is a diet that emphasizes, to a varying degree, fresh fruit, vegetables, roots and tubers, nuts, and legumes. Our blood is slightly alkaline, with a normal pH level of between 7.35 and 7.45. The theory behind the alkaline diet is that our diet should reflect this pH level (as it did in the past) and be slightly alkaline. Proponents of alkaline diets believe that a diet high in acid-producing foods is disrupts this balance and promotes the loss of essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium, as the body tries to restore equilibrium. This imbalance is thought to make people prone to illness. IODINE Kelp and nori seaweed - strawberries, yogurt, boiled eggs. Benefits: Menopause.- Thyroid regulation - weight control FRIENDLY PROBIOTIC BACTERIA, ESSENTIAL AMMINO ACIDS, PROTEINS, ENZYMES, CALCIUM, MAGNESIUM, PHOSPHORUS, TRYPTOPHAN, VITAMIN B12, B1, K. Kefir (kee-fer) is a fermented, probiotic milk drink from the Caucasus Mountains in the former Soviet Union, dating back centuries. The name kefir loosely translated means "pleasure" or "good feeling". Kefir is made by combining milk with a pinch of "kefir grains" and has a consistency similar to thin yogurt. You can buy it at Whole Foods Markets, and Trader Joe's either plain or strawberry flavored. An excellent breakfast drink or anytime during the day. Benefits: Weight Loss (belly fat - no muscle loss), stimulates the immune system, enhances lactose digestion, and inhibits tumors, fungi, and pathogens - including the bacteria that cause most ulcers. It has been used to help patients suffering from AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, herpes, and cancer. Its tranquilizing effect on the nervous system and has benefited people who suffer from sleep disorders, depression, and ADHD. Promotes bowel movements, helps eliminate unhealthy food cravings, relieves skin disorders, boosts energy and promotes longevity. MENOPAUSE: Both men and women experience menopause. Women stop ovulating and men experience a gradual decline in testosterone. Beginning around age 40, symptoms include weight gain around the upper abs, fatigue, lack of sex drive, moodiness, involuntary urination, insomnia - hot flushes/night sweats in women - erection problems in men. Make this mid-life physical transition with minimal challenges by doing the following: 1 Reduce carbs - to control weight gain. 2 Focus on eating plenty of fresh, raw fruit and vegetables - to control weight gain and keep cells healthy. 3 Women inparticular must include iodine (seaweed) and Omega-3 (salmon and walnuts) in their diet - to control and eliminate hot flushes. 4 The Ideal diet is fruit and yogurt for breakfast. Salads - mixed with fish (salmon, sardines, shrimp, tuna) and nuts (almonds, walnuts), for lunch and dinner. 5 Drink water frequently - to control weight gain and flush out toxins. 6 Daily exercise is now a MUST! - to control weight gain and eliminate toxins. If you follow this guidance, menopause will be a breeze! If you choose to Acid and Alkaline Foods Chart for easy, quick reference. Focus on alkaline and stay healthy. Acid foods cause sickness, cancer, aging and excess weight http://www.chimachine4u.com/AA.html Lack of Vitamin B2 foods( Riboflavin) ; B6 (Pyridoxine and Pyridoxamine);B9 ( Folic acid ) and B-12 or Cyanocobalamin) . can cause anemia. Vitamin B is water-soluble, so it must be replenished every day through the diet or supplements. There are many foods rich in vitamin B. Some natural sources include bananas, potatoes, tempeh, lentils, other whole grains, chili peppers, green vegetables, eggs, dairy products, and meats including turkey, tuna, and liver Wild salmon, avocado or maybe beans or sweet potatoes, all have B vitamins. Brewer's yeast, used to make bread and beer, is an excellent source of Vitamin B. Any food or beverage made with brewer's yeast is rich in vitamin B. However, consuming beer in excess will have adverse health results, and alcohol interferes with the body's absorption of vitamin B-1, so be careful not to defeat your own purpose. http://www.chimachine4u.com/vitamins.html Which foods are rich in vitamin B? whole grains, such as wheat and oats fish and seafood poultry and meats eggs dairy products, like milk and yogurt leafy green vegetables beans and peas Blackstrap molasses is a very good source of iron.


Answer: Rabbit (Cat) man His physical background The Cat male's overall physical appearance bears the mark of discreteness. There is nothing about him that shocks or catches the eye - nothing, in fact, that goes counter to his natural desire to keep a low profile. The only thing remarkable is that people hardly remark this man when they pass him. On closer examination one may simply say he is mild-mannered, somewhat effeminate, with an usually, sedate behavior and a patrician, gentlemanlike demeanor - but all this cannot obviously be viewed as very distinctive characteristics. His features are regular and rather delicate, his forehead fairly high, his nose straight and moderately long. His voice is neutral, monotonous. His small mouth and thin lips, together with his bright, searching eyes, constitute the only noticeable elements on his face. He is generally of medium height if not somewhat short. Slender, supple, he walks briskly and nimbly, exhibiting his natural gift for dancing. Despite his firm muscles, which however tend to slacken rapidly from the age of fifty onwards, he looks more like an absent-minded professor than a manual worker and never has the aspect of an athlete or sportsman. Meticulous to a fault with his clothing, the Cat man is always well dressed and keeps his wardrobe adequately furnished at all times even though he may hardly afford it. He prefers discreet to gaudy colors and remains resolutely on the conservative side. Slovenly-looking people offend him to the point of being regarded by him as irresponsible and untrustworthy personalities regardless of their actual moral fiber. It is highly unlikely that the native could ever be a casual hippie. In general this type takes good care of his health, often with a tendency to overdo it a little. It would be exaggerated to call him a hypochondriac since his concern is positive, not morbid, and since he has no delusions of ailments. In order to avoid malady and preserve his physical well-being, he is always prepared to go to great lengths - for instance, he gets himself vaccinated against as many diseases as possible, keeps strictly to an advisable though draconian diet which necessarily requires many privations and sacrifices, does some daily exercise come wind or foul weather, and so on. He would never allow himself to be remiss or even take it easy when it comes to matters concerning his health. Probably as a consequence, one can notice a tendency to longevity in the highly developed male; other males of this sign are not exposed to premature death themselves. The Cat man tends to consider himself more delicate than he really is. While it is true he tires himself rather easily and often suffers from disorders and pains in his digestive tract and abdominal region, it is no less true he recovers quickly and generally needs no other analgesic or tranquilizer than complaining when his organism goes awry. The real threat to his equilibrium does not seem to have a somatic origin but is more likely to be of a psychological nature. If he resists germs, intoxication, overwork and the like with surprising efficiency, his inner tensions and anguishes are perfectly capable of knocking him down. An intense conflictual situation is far more harmful to him than a temporary overindulgence in alcohol or tobacco. His sensitive nervous system can be upset by any emotional disturbance of some importance, resulting in loss of appetite, indigestion, nervous constipation, insomnia, migraine, muscular contractions and other related ills. It is as a rule easy to treat this man's miseries as he is always willing to cooperate. He scrupulously follows all the indications and recommendations dispensed by his doctor; his medicine cupboard is perfectly arranged and kept up-to-date. Given the delicate nature of his neurovegetative system, he had better avoid allopathy in general and shock treatments in particular, for they both could do him more harm than good. Homeopathy, it seems, suits him well, partly because it will not subject his organism to possible upheavals and partly because he can be relied upon to take his medicines in exact doses, at exact hours and on exact days. Acupuncture may also be of good help. The Cat-born male always shows a keen interest in food and nutrition. He instinctively senses that these are the keys to good health. He has the reputation of being fastidious about his food - he chooses it and cooks it or has it cooked with much care, and refuses to eat dishes that fall short of the standards of his own making. Unfortunately, he tends to carry his fastidiousness too far. Living in this period of generalized pollution and overabundance, he is often frightened by prophets of doom and unscrupulous quacks into subscribing to a number of nutritional fads. He is likely to try out various self-styled dietetical cookeries, including macrobiotics, eat "natural" products to the exclusion of everything else or

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