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Nutrition is the science which deals with food, food consumption and energy generation for cells in the body. Nutrition affects health and nourishment of the body. So, it is a vital part of our life and is not only related to eating and enjoying food. To

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Diet a Success

Losing weight is a dilemma for most people. Most often, you may find yourself going on a crash diet and rigorous exercise regime and giving up due to early disappointments.

Cholesterol Diet Tips

You may know what foods to avoid in order to keep your levels of bad cholesterol in check but what are the foods you should be including in your diet to ensure a healthy heart and a managed level of cholesterol.

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Yahoo Answer(s)
Does this seem like a healthy diet for a pregnant lady I'm currently 28 weeks? The calories aren't spot on just rough estimates and I think I had a ribena drink that may have added an extra 100 calls. Trying to get the right nutrients for baby as well as not over indulging, I'm feeling very hungry at the moment breakfast: Crumpet x 2 with olive spread Orange juice = 350 Snack 1 : Apple Cereal bar Slice of fruit soreen = 300 Lunch: Sweet chilli chicken noodles with water chestnuts Banana = 450 Snack 2: Wholmeal toast slice with low fat dairy lea cheese spread Low fat fruit yogurt = 200 Dinner: Salmon and new potatoes with vegetables = 600 Total = 1900 I plan on going gym tonight for a little walk/bike few light weights, I'm trying to do this every Tuesday and Thursday and days in between I walk my dog. shouldve added, i do still indulge in choccy, crisps one in a while trying to stick to weekends, and i have some form of "junk food" burgers or pizza something like that once a week. i was very slim and toned before and did lots of sports so dont want to under or over eat for a pregnant woman

Answer: The safest thing for a baby is a GMO free, organic diet. Chemicals and GMO s are suspected to be a cause of autism, seribal paulsy, and other problems with the baby. Also, if you ever eat lunch meat; microwave it first. Other than that, your diet sounds fine as long as it's GMO free and organic. Also, I'd stay away from junk/fast food while pregnant. Good luck!

My Wife is 23 years old, she is expecting that she is pregnant. How should i take care of her and what should be the healthy diet for her?

Answer: in pregnancy woman should take a diet rich in protein, calcium, iron, and lots of natural vitamines diet at bf- must have cheese sandwiches, and a cup of milk with protinex at 11 AM - a glass of vegetable juice which includes carrot, chukander, add salt to taste, at Lunch- any DAL is must and two chapatis at 4 PM have fruits, banana and orange at Dinner simple as u like at night before retiring take a cup of milk with protinex check Hemoglobin, ultrasound every month regularly Blood Pressure every week,

Veg Wholesome Meal

A quarter plate of tomato basil penne with a teaspoon of cheddar cheese and an orange.

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