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Homeopathy for the Treatment of Asthma

Nowadays, asthma is a common disease in kids as well as adults. An asthma attack happens when a person suffers from inflammation of the respiratory tract limiting or obstructing the oxygen that flows in and out of the lungs.

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Be Diabetes Aware

Diabetes can be controlled and prevented. All it requires is few good changes to your lifestyle along with following the medications and diet on time!.

Are you Antimicrobial Resistant?

Have you ever gone to the doctor with a fever and were sent home with an antibiotic to make you feel better? The next time you went with a cough - it's another antibiotic. Does this sound familiar? Ever given a thought to how many antibiotics you must hav

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Yahoo Answer(s)
I am not obese but I need help losing weight I am healthy I workout and lose nothing. I eat very healthy almost too healthy and I workout two hours 5 days a week and in two months i lost 1 pound. My husband is deployed and I want to surprise him with being in sexy shape I am going the healthy route and have not gotten any where. I don't know if I have a thyroid condition but I need something I eat about 1200 to 1500 calories mostly raw food unless I grill some chicken breast or something and I workout for two actual hours. I use to be an athlete so I know how to take care of myself. I had a car accident and hurt my back and neck and since the accident I had limited activity for almost 8 months. I got to 200 pounds I started at the gym slowly and dropped down to 175. I am not fat at all I just need to tone up and tighten my abs. I do 1 hour cardio, I do light weights uppers 2 days and bottom half 3 days. I do kettle ball training and everything. I have lost one pound. I think it is the meds I was on that help'd with the weight gain. So please don't throw me into the pile with the lazy people who are not in shape. If you want look at my myspace : myspace.com/sistagyrl83 check these picks out before you judge.

Answer: You doctor *can* prescribe weight loss meds (I believe your BMI must be a minimum of 25). For the most part, though, like another answerer said: They won't do it for fear of someone having bad side effects. And, speaking of side effects, scripts for weight loss have some big ones. Look up side effects for the meds you're considering. Most likely, you'll have to go to a "weight loss" doctor/clinic, specifically in existence to dispense these relatively dangerous drugs. Your BMI still needs to be high enough for the doc there to consider you overweight. Be careful, please, and good luck~!

I'm just wondering if it's legal for doctors to prescribe a pill that aids in losing weight... and if so, if you have to be highly overweight? I have 15 lbs I would like to lose but my body refuses..I've been working out with a trainer for the last 2 months and I didn't lose a single lb and not much body fat either.. I workout at least 5 days a week with 45-60 interval cardio (switching it up) and weight train a few days a week too. I also eat whole grains, lean proteins..fiber ...I have not been able to lose a pound in 5 years although i've exercised nearly everyday and always eat relatively healthy. I really don't trust over the counter diet pills, i took hydroxycut adn zantrax before and it just made me jittery. it's soooooooo frusterating any advice? and does anyone know the name of the pills?

Answer: Doctors can prescribe you stuff but they are basically just uppers - speed. Don't ask for weight loss drugs, just keep going with your exercise and modify your diet. If you are exercising as you claim and eating a healthy balanced diet it is possible there is some other medical issue at play and in that case you should consult your doctor. But you might consider asking first if your doctor will refer you to a nutritionist. Even if you think your diet is pretty healthy it is possible there are some modifications you can make that will make it better for you and help spur the weight loss you are looking for. Good luck!

I'm 17 and soon to be 18 this coming march. As of right now I'm 5'5 182lb. I'm trying to go into the Air force but in order to be elgible you must be 155lb for my height. I'm a total health freak but from my weight it's not obvious. Im not some lazy person looking for a quick fix either. I live a healthy life.( Eat healthy & excersise) I've been even stricter on my self the last couple of months and in a 2 months span I've lost 8lbs!!!! I need to get down to 155 by march so I can sign up. The problem is evident the darn weight won't leave! It's extremely frustrating and I'd like to know if you guys think my physician would be willing to prescribe me something, thanks.

Answer: There are a lot of ways for weight loss here's 5 simple tips for you: _____ 1) Dietary control and exercise. It’s true what they say – all you need to do is watch what you eat, and expend more energy than you consume. It’s really that simple. You can quit reading this list now, you now know everything you need to know and didn’t need to fork over $500 for the privilege of me telling you the secret of losing weight. You don’t need to read a 4,000 page book, you don’t have to buy a tape series, you don’t need to stay up late at night to watch infomercials to understand this basic premise. It’s 100% true. _____ 2) Change your lifestyle. If you’re calling this a “diet,” then you’re going to gain all the weight back (and more) within a few months of losing it. Diets do not work. Diets are temporary. When you change your dietary lifestyle, however, you’re changing your habits – and you’re putting yourself on track for long-term / continued success and weight maintenance. Don’t ever tell anybody you’re on a diet – ever. I’m speaking from experience, here – a reformed low-carber. Worked out well for a while, but ultimately failed because my entire lifestyle didn’t change (permanently). _____ 3) Take before and after photos. I know it sucks to see yourself as a chunky monkey (sorry, that’s what I called myself – if only to get myself motivated to meet my weight loss goal). However, there’s no easier way to illustrate your progress. The “after” photos are far more fun to capture and share, admittedly. Find yourself on Flickr! It’s good to see yourself how others see you. Do you like how you look? In many ways, Flickr helped me lose weight. _____ 4) Hire a substitute teacher. Don’t reach for the brands you know and love immediately – or without thinking first. Eggs are “good” for you, but consider using egg substitutes instead (in fact, many restaurants will let you order lower calorie foods). There are countless “lower” alternatives for you to try. If something different doesn’t taste good, by all means – find a better substitute, or eat less of the original. In some cases, the substitute may be worse for you than the regular version of the product. The good news is, healthier choices are silently replacing their “normal” counterparts – and they taste just as nice. _____ 5) Tell your family. You’re not going to lose the weight alone, even if you ARE alone in losing the weight. If you’ve got a family at home, talk to them about it – initially, not incessantly. Let them know what you’re going to do, and that you want (and need) their support. If you don’t let them know, you’re running the risk of them inadvertently sabotaging your efforts. You want them to help you get to your goal(s). You want them to share in your happiness when you’ve made it past a certain mark. Who knows? Maybe some of your new habits will rub off on them and they’ll become healthier people, too? You can also find a lot of useful tips for effective weight loss in the link below, good luck :-) http://my.opera.com/johnterry8/blog/

Veg Wholesome Meal

A quarter plate of tomato basil penne with a teaspoon of cheddar cheese and an orange.

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