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Top 5 Foods to Keep Your Skin Glowing

Ever wondered what gives some people the beautiful glow on the skin? Expensive skin care or just the right diet?

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Skin Rasayana

The ego becomes diminished when the skin is poor and even the most beautiful persons feel less sure of themselves when they have a pimple upon the end of their nose.

Tags: Obesity, Unani, Clinical, Herb, Triphala, Ojas

Five Ayurvedic Tips for your Skin this Winter

Winter is here and your skin demands more attention during such times. This year let nothing artificial spoil the natural glow on your face.

Tags: Obesity, Unani, Clinical, Herb, Triphala, Ojas

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Discussions - Glowing Skin Diet
Kareena Kapoor says “Beautiful Skin is In”.

Beauty of a woman is certainly skin deep. If you are beautiful within, it radiates on your skin as well. Bollywood hottie, Kareena Kapoor is blessed with a ever-glowing skin genes. She also does all it takes to maintain it well with a good diet, exercise and skin regime. It is known that she b

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Maintain the glow with healthy diet

Skin is the mirror of your health. A glowing and flawless skin with no marks, pimples indicates good metabolism and inner health. Dark circles, acne, spots on skin are visible because of the imbalance in your system.  Though, external care of skin is important, internal care gives permanent sol

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