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Women's Health: Urinary Tract Infection

UTI is a bacterial infection of the urinary tract. Different parts of the urinary system are kidneys, urinary bladder, ureters and urethra. Ureters are a pair of tubes which drain urine from each kidney to the urinary bladder.

Tags: Flatulence, Immune System, Homeopathy, Dehydration, Insulin, Nausea


Spreading awareness on Personal Health is just one of the reasons why World Health Day is observed every year throughout the World.

Tags: Calcium, Selenium, Fatty Acid, Hat, Iron, Vitamin


The human body requires a balance of nutrients to keep it going at a normal pace

Tags: Selenium, Fatty Acid, Hat, Iron, Nutrition, HDL

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Lose weight before gaining baby weight

URBANA – A new University of Illinois study contains a warning for obese women who are planning pregnancies. Even if they eat a healthy diet when they are pregnant, their babies will develop in an unhealthy environment that places the infants at risk for future health problems. "We can see fat

5 Foods That Can Trigger a Stroke

Few things feel more terrifying and random than a stroke, which can strike without warning. And fear of stroke -- when a blood vessel in or leading to the brain bursts or is blocked by a blood clot, starving brain cells of oxygen and nutrients -- is well founded. After all, stroke is the number-thre

Chocolate Good For Heart

People who eat chocolate regularly may not only be feeding their sweet tooth, but lowering their risk for heart disease, a new study suggests. Chocolate has been linked to reducing the risk of heart disease before, but in this analysis of recent studies involving more than 100,000 people, researc

Sizzle up your bedroom with these foods

Sizzle up your bedroom with these foods Be it the Roman, Chinese or Indian; all appreciate the fact that food plays more our role in our lives than just providing nourishment. It has satisfied hunger, cravings, entertained and pleased us. Food seems to be a unifying force for many activities that h

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Have A Happy New Year DesiDieters

January is the month of resolutions. Making new ones and refreshing the past dues. DesiDieter does not believe in resolutions. We believe in affirmations. The team has decided to do some and undo many this 2014. Let’s us share some for you as well. Take a print out of same and stick on your b

Healthy Eating At Work Place

We all know that healthy eating habits have huge effects on our  weight loss goal. At workplace we are always preoccupied so developing unhealthy food habits like skipping breakfast, overeating, late night dinner and fast food consumption is common. In today's fast paced office life many worke

Healthy Heart Tips For Women and Children:

THEME OF WORLD HEART DAY IN 2013 was ‘Take the road to a healthy heart’. World Heart Day was on 29th September 2013; the importance of a life-course approach to the prevention and control of cardiovascular disease (CVD) with a focus on women as well as children. Healthy children lead to

Stress Impacts Your Weight

We all know that stress is bad for us. At the very least it makes us crabby and annoyed, less able to have fun, and more obsessive about the myriad details of our lives. But it can be much more destructive than just a bad mood. In recent years, women especially have become more impacted by stress, w

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Home Remedy(s) - Health And Diet

The teeth exemplify the amazing balance of form and function. Good teeth are important part of one's health and appearance. Toothache is a very common problem. 'I told you so' is not the thing to say to a victim of toothache because all they wish is


Hives are also called cynanche trachealis. Hives are an itchy skin eruption characterized by weals with pale interiors and well-defined red margins. These welts can be 5 mm (0.2 inches) in diameter or more, itch severely, and often have a pale border

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Veg Wholesome Meal

A whole wheat toast with one tabelspoon of baked beans and a teaspoon of cheddar cheese for toppings.

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