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Isn't Tamil Nadu, Tamil Homeland; origin point of all Tamils and the craddle of the Tamil civilization.

Answer: No,Tamil Eelam (Tamil: தமிழீழம், tamiḻ īḻam, generally rendered outside Tamil-speaking areas as தமிழ் ஈழம்,Sinhala: දෙමල ඊලාම්, demaḻa īḻaam, as referred to in the south)is the name given by certain Tamil groups in Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora to the state which they aspire to create in the north and east of Sri Lanka. Tamil Eelam has no official status or recognition by any other state or authority. The name is derived from the ancient Tamil name for Sri Lanka, Eelam. Since Sri Lankans and Indians vehemently oppose a Tamil Homeland on their soil a plausible solution remains and that is either Canada or Australia the biggest sympathizers of Tamils to create a Tamil State in one of their own countries. On the lines of Balfour Declaration in1917, an Englishman should declare a Home for Tamils and out of the two best candidates Tamils will prefer Australia as it is much closer to Sri Lanka and India and with a warmer climate than Canada. Having selected the country it’s now a case of selecting the State in Australia to establish this dreamland. The best bet is Western Australia where Tamils will be more closer to the Indian theme bordering the Indian ocean and their Indian gods. They have gods for everything, for love and sex, for education, for music you name it they have it. And the latest addition to their list of gods is God Prabah, the God of Terrorism. On a conservative estimate within 5 years the population of this new Tamil Homeland will be in the vicinity of 25 million.(hey! that will be almost the total population of Australia!) Half of Torontonian Tamils around 125,000 (boys lets get out of this miserable winter climate and head down under) and a million of Sri Lankan Tamils and around 20 million Tamils from Tamil Nadu in India will be flocking to their newly formed country and the rest will come in drones from other parts of the world comparable to the Jewish migration into Palestine. However one factor remains which need to be carefully discerned and is of paramount importance. Will the Children of Victoria consult the Traditional owners of this land before establishing this Tamil homeland? The Aborigines who were robbed of their land and resources to establish a new country called Australia, would they go further and approve another new country on their soil? In fact animals have rights and privileges in Australia than the Aborigines themselves and not a single representative of Aborigine is in the Legislature both Parliament and the Senate, although 10 years has gone by completing the famous Sydney bridge walk on reconciliation. However in the Judiciary few Aborigine faces can be identified which of course is an individual effort of excellence, a marked difference with elective representation. Hmmm things are getting really complicated isn’t it with the factor of Traditional owners of this country coming into the equation? I never gave much thought into it when I wrote this. The critics of Sri Lanka need to note that there is an over proportional representation of Tamils and other minorities in the Legislature in Sri Lanka as there is an avenue to enter politics and being accepted and elected by voters which is not apparent in Australia. All forums consist mostly of British origin peoples and no impetus or acceptance is seen to encourage participation of minorities in the running of the country, especially the Aborigines. The walk was just an exercise – a morning walk for most and nothing except the bold apology by PM Rudd was welcoming. The funny thing about this country when compared with US, Canada or Britain is that the British people here presume the emigrants to be of less contributory to the betterment of Australia and never encourage participation or appreciate the ideas emigrants and treat them as a burden unless in the case of sports people when Australia seek gold medals at Olympics or some such event. The above three countries do appreciate the capacity of emigrants and their contribution to their countries rather than the assumption of emigrants as a burden to the society. Also the emigrants who bring money to their countries rather than an English knowledge are well received in especially Canada and that’s how the foolish Australians lost the billionaire, millionaire Hong Kong Chinese businessmen to Canada, who were damn smart to accept them with open arms. Hail the Tamil Homeland! And finally Tamils have a home which was deprived by those nasty Aryans who invaded India some 4000 years ago.

There is a term "Tamil Peelam". Whiat is Tamil Peelam? Where is Tamil Peelam? Why it is called Tamil Peelam? Please I need good Explanation.

Answer: This is regarding the old "Tamil Peelam." and further explanation regarding "Eelam Sakkili" animals. Tamil Peelam is a variant of Eelam, but mostly the same. It's was a semi-desert area in Northern of Singhaloids land, claimed by ToiletNadu "Eelam Sakkilis" to be a their homeland, even though the entire area was littered with Singhaloids artifacts, suggesting that the Singhaloid had lived there before migrating to the much better climates of Central and Southern Singhaloid land. "Eezham Sakkilis" were a subspecies of human that have not really evolved fully. (According to World Geography Encyclopedia). Their mating rituals were often quite wired or "funky" as the kids would say. the female was often a lot hairier than the male and often hunts in the night. once she was at mating stage usually around the age of 2 she would call out for a mate. this however often fails due to the extreme ugliness that is "ESakkiliyar". However once she does manage to get a poor soul, she excretes her juices and fertilizes many many eggs. - (Encarta Dicktionary) "Eezham Sakkiliyas" are some kind of animals who now totally eradicated in Sri Lanka but still living in abroad. It's called Peelam because the "Eezham Sakkilis" were drink the pee of Sinhloid soldiers when they lack drinking water. Peelam had the ugliest and most terrible looking animal women in the entire world. Tamil Peelam animal women were also famous for having gonorrhea and oily body odour. Tamil Peelam women were so dirty and ugly that when Sinhaloid soldiers rape them, they always forced to wear condoms and close their eyes to imagine they are not as ugly as they were - otherwise those soldiers lose their woodies. Tamils in Peelam had the highest number of kidnapped brainwashed child soldiers in the world. Even Tamil Peelam was in Sri Lanka before 2009/06/19, now there is no Tamil Peelam in Sri Lanka. The Tamil Peelam is now established in the ToiletNadu. Simultaneously another recent Tamil Peelam established in the No-Rway and Canada. After read this don't decide this is a racist as Tamils and "Eezham Sakkiliyas" are totally Different even those words are linked to each other. Also this is regarding some kind of Animals who lived in North of Sri Lanka, but most people mistakenly confuse those things.

What is your opinion on the Tamil Tigers protesting in downtown Toronto?

Answer: Tamils are protesting against Genocide.It is more a War agianst the Tamils than against the LTTE. Human Rights Watch has accused the Sri Lankan army of more than 30 attacks on hospitals, using artillery and aerial strikes, and killing and wounding several people. The New York-based rights group is seeking war-crimes prosecution for army commanders who ordered the attacks. "Hospitals are supposed to be sanctuaries from shelling, not targets," said Brad Adams, Asia director of the rights group. Sri Lanka's government has rejected international calls for a truce. journalists killed by the Sri Lankan government and thousands of tamils being killed and thousands detained in concentration camps. If Tamils Protest peacefully and the protests worldwide have been peaceful there has no major incident of violence anywhere.They are protesting because of the genocide which is true.

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