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Before Starting Yoga Practice

There are many things you must keep in mind before starting with any form of physical regime. In a typical Yoga session stretching over an hour, make sure that you feel absolutely comfortable with every practice.

How to Cook is as Important as What to Cook!

Being on a diet does not necessarily mean you have to force yourself to eat raw unpalatable food.

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Skin Care: 8 Things you should do to take good care of your Skin

Is Beauty really skin deep? The answer is yes and no. It's a paradox, isn't it? True beauty begins from the inside.

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Clear liquid diet for nausea

Incase of nausea and vommiting/diarrhoea a clear liquid diet is prescribed. Also, pre and post any surgical or invasive test, the doctors recommend this diet for 24 hours. So what is a clear liquid diet? A clear liquid diet is made up of only clear fluids and foods that turn to clear fluids when the

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World Hepatitis Day-27th July

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver due to a viral infection of the liver or injury caused by a chemical toxin that is associated with damage or death of the liver cells. Hepatitis is a disease that can be caused by a variety of different viruses such as hepatitis A, B, C, D and E. Hepatitis i

Foods that Boost your Memory

There are times when it's difficult to concentrate on studies or even at work. Though it is a cliché to hear people saying eat the right food to increase brainpower, chances are they're true.   When looking for the right food that could increase memory, try the following organic and na

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Gall Bladder Stone

The main problem which affects the gall bladder is an inflammatory condition known as cholecystitis and the presence of gallstones in the gall bladder, which is called cholelithiasis. The former often leads to the latter. Gallstones are usually cause


Mumps or Parotitis is an acute communicable disease of viral origin. It is characterized by painful enlargement of the salivary glands and occasional involvement of the gonads, meninges, pancreas and other organs. This disease occurs more frequently

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Veg Wholesome Meal

1.5 cup Bisi Bele bhath + 1 katori Cucumber,onion raita + Yeleke banana

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