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Bone Up to Health

With proper nutrition, physical activity, regular checkups and screening we can have strong bones and live longer.

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New Dietary Guidelines for Indians

The new guidelines, putting it in a nutshell has proposed a reduction in the total requirements in terms of carbohydrates, salt, sugar and fats. The transition is in the increase in protein intake to ensure good muscle build up.

Heart Healthy Indian Diet

The World Heart Day is on the 29th of September 2011. A Heart Healthy Diet is not only for those who have problems related to the heart (high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attack, etc).

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Yahoo Answer(s)
He is eating ragi kanji once and cerelac rice twice help me out his birth weight is 2.3 kg

Answer: Start feeding him baby food . My son eats a whole jar of baby food plus a full bottle at each feeding . He does that about 6 times a day . He is at a perfect weight & the baby food really helps . Keep feeding him his milk though . That's how he gets most of his nutrients . Just add some baby food into the mix . But I suggest starting out with veggies & meat . If you start them off with fruits & sweet baby foods they won't eat anything else . Good luck !

Hi... My baby has started her 4th month. We have started giving Ragi/wheat/sprouted moong /(mixed) kanji to her once. She is pooing only once in two days. Is this because of giving her Kanji. If anyone can comment Just to clarify...the food mentioned in the question is not a solid food..Its still a liquid diet and I have just substitued this for breastfeed just once a day.

Answer: Sorry,I am not familiar with the food you mentioned.However,any change in a babies diet is going to change her bowels somewhat.Not all babies are ready for solids at 3-4 months and most will recommend waiting until at least 6 months of age. Pooping once in two days is really not a cause for concern.I would be more concerned if it is hard stool and hard for her to pass.You can try and give her some prunes,applesauce,or mashed pears work great.Water is okay at this point if she is taking in solids too.She should not go longer than 3-4 days.You can always call her pediatricians office for advice as well.

Right know I am giving him wheat and vegetable nestum and with that ragi and all cereal malt. I want to know is this sufficient or should I change.

Answer: I think at 7 months of age that is not sufficient for the baby. In the morning, you can give cereal or mashed vegetables without any salt. In the afternoon you can try making fresh fruit juices such as orange, grapes etc. which help to add to the vitamin content of the body. Make sure that you give the baby only fresh homemade juice and any leftover should be thrown. You can also try giving egg yolk, and water drained after cooking rice which is known as kanji. Fresh fruits also is good at this age. In the evening, before putting the baby to sleep make sure to feed him cereal again so that he will sleep well. Make sure to give him water after any food. Breastmilk is also very important for the development of the baby and has to be continued till the baby reaches 2 years or more. It cannot be supplemented with anything else. When he gets up from sleep, make sure to give him breastmilk.

Veg Wholesome Meal

A quarter plate of vegetable pilaf

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