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Vegetarian Diet Plan
Nutrition in a Pod

Even before the rise of civilization and the improvement of culinary arts, beans have been a natural staple to our early ancestors. Beans and legumes are indeed miracle plants that provide enough nutrients to give the human body a healthy boost in both en

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Smokers - Oxidise your Body

People who smoke or use any type of tobacco have increased nutritional requirements. This is due to intake of carcinogen and decreased absorption of nutrients from diet cause of nicotine.

Wish you a Healthy Diwali!

DesiDieter Team wishes you a happy & healthy Diwali. Nutritionists recommend not over indulging in the 'Festive foods' but enjoying them in moderation and trying out less sweeter/low calorie options that will ensure that you do not deviate from your 'he

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Dieting dates back to 18th Century

The first diets came from the traditional war against sin. Since gluttony was considered to be one of the seven deadly sins, there were religious institutions that preached on eating healthy and the perils of sickness. The first known preacher of this principle was Sylvester Graham. He was ordained

Technology overuse creating health hazards for children

As kids and teens around the world become increasingly glued to their computers both for academic and non-academic purposes, an increasing number among them are reporting symptoms of musculoskeletal damage, such as back, neck and shoulder pain. Researchers at the Boston University have conducted

Is low carb diet good weight loss

Does low carb diet helps in effective weight loss? Is it healthy? are there any side effects of low carb diet

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Veg Wholesome Meal

A quarter plate of vegetable pilaf

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