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Yahoo Answer(s)
Ok so this is really bad...my boyfriend has a very small penis smaller than anyone I have ever been with and I want to tighten up.... dont leave any bs about my situation just tell me how to tighten up my vagina

Answer: Use the muscles that you use to stop you peeing, tighten them for 4 seconds then release, do this 9 in a row. Do this 10 times a day and you will start feeling a difference, it is an exercise used for people who have just had a baby and want to tighten themselves again. Good thing is you can do this anywhere, at the bus stop, at work at the supermarket and noone will know.

is it possible to tighten your vagina by contracting that mucsle (like working it out)? My friend told me that his roommate does this and she says it works..... is it true?

Answer: Kegel exercises are your friend. Complete how-to guide: http://sexuality.about.com/od/anatomyres... Tips? Do a squeeze for 10 seconds, push 5 seconds to release the muscles, then relax for 10 seconds... repeat this ten times in a row as a set. Do ten sets per day, and space them out through the day so your muscles don't get tired. Withiin a few weeks, you'll notice that your muscles are much stronger, and thet you'll have much better control over how tight or loose they are at any instant - it *doesn't* make you tighter, it just makes you able to tighten easily whenever you want to.

I'm an 18 year old girl and have only had sex once before. It was a very negative experience when I was extremely drunk and I was taken advantage of. Sex was extremely painful and knocked my self confidence. I have recently gotten into a relationship with a boy that I really like and would like to have penetrative sex with, however, my vagina seems to tighten whenever I become slightly aroused. This can be a problem because he can't even get a finger in (too much info? Sorry!) and it really frustrates me. I am definitely in the mood because without going into too much detail he is very attentive to my needs and I am comfortable with everything literally apart from when it comes to inserting anything to my vagina. I researched vaginismus (after the losing my virginity experience), and for a while believed that I had it, however I am fine with inserting tampons, and privately I am not painfully tight. Really I just need help in stopping my vagina from contracting during penetration so any help would be appreciated. In addition is there any way I can stretch my vagina to make the experience less traumatic? I'm hoping that after at least one positive experience then I will be able to relax. Thanks for your help in advance!

Answer: I saw your question a while ago and had to think about it a while. I don't think you can "make" your vagina quit tensing up; the best that can happen is to allow it to relax. Consider this: When you were assaulted, really, that is a horrible event; that kind of thing is enough to generate post-traumatic symptoms. So the whole of you really experienced a trauma, but the truth is, your sexual organs took the brunt of it. We can think of each part of our body as having its own intelligence, it's own memories, its own reaction. I don't know if you have ever heard the term "muscle memory" but it is when the body knows/remembers how to do something so well, the person doesn't have to think about it while doing it: dance steps, fingers playing piano. In your case, your vagina has muscle memory for what happened there, and apparently guards against that happening again. This may be counter-intuitive, but I think the way to get your body to open up during sexual contact is to say to it that it doesn't have to. By not putting pressure on yourself, your vagina specifically, you allow that part of you to feel safe, which clearly it does not feel safe now, or it would not tighten up the way it does. By going slowly when you and your partner are together and simply waiting for it to catch up to the rest of you, being receptive to the unconscious fear stored in the vaginal tissues, then it can relax. If four people went hiking and one broke a leg in the middle of the wilderness, it doesn't matter that the other three could hike right back out again----the group would have to go as slow as necessary so that everyone got back safely together, and the wounded hiker would slow everybody else down. I think it is that way with your vaginal tissues, having been wounded, simply cannot demonstrate the readiness the rest of you has. By "listening" to what your vagina is trying to communicate to you and respecting the fear those tissues hold, you respect the experience, and in respecting then healing can begin. By going slow too, you and your partner get to explore all manner of ways of loving, more than people usually get to do. ( http://www.askmen.com/dating/love_tip_300/314_love_tip.html ) You can discuss these ideas with your boyfriend to get his feedback and give him yours. I think this whole experience will not ruin your relationship if you bring a sense of understanding to what is needed and work together in helping effect the healing that needs to take place. Best wishes.

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