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Understanding Weight Loss

Obesity is a complex problem and there can be no shortcut to weight loss!

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Weight Loss - from Start to End

What exactly does it take to motivate you to reduce your weight?

Diet Plan For Weight Loss
Weight Loss And Fat Loss Are Not The Same Thing

Weight loss and fat loss do not mean the same thing. You must learn to distinguish between the two. The scale can be very misleading if it is the only criteria you use for measurement.

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Yahoo Answer(s)
After my first month i lost 13 pounds. Idk if its really possible to lose 2 pounds every week all the way till my goal weight though. Im 235 now, down from 248. How long will it take me to lose those 45 pounds? 6 feet tall 19 year old male.

Answer: This isn't spam! So, please, don't report this answer. Check out this site: http://losertown.org/eats/cal.php You can input your current weight, activity level, your age, and your number of calories consumed each day and when you press submit, it'll give you a printout of your projected weight loss for each week! Keep in mind, though, that weight loss doesn't usually go by the books. We have setbacks and our body weights fluctuate drastically throughout the day. The projections generated by the Losertown.org calculator are based on the mathematic formula for calorie deficit and your basal metabolic rate. Thirteen pounds in one month is great success, by the way. Keep up the good work!

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