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Indulging in sports is a great way to get in shape and fitness and maintain the fitness. Physically, all the sports need strength and endurance. The strength, training varies for different sports. Like every individual every sports needs different level of fitness. Training for swimming will be different from training for shooting. The common thread that binds all the sports training is cross training. Cross training simply means that you include a variety of fitness activities in your program. It has been proven that the cross training builds stronger bones.

It is our endeavor to provide usable sports training tips, programs and workouts for enthusiastic athletes
You will find a section on each of the major components of fitness such as endurance training, strength training and general fitness.

Always remember to listen to your body. If you frequently feel exhausted or you are in pain, you may be overdoing it. Injuries can be the result. Any injury however small should be dealt with caution and your personal trainer or a psychologist should be consulted immediately.

Some common injuries suffered by athletes are covered here.

Exercise safety in using your body and equipment.

Drink Water, before, during and after the workouts, as it is the most important nutrient for active people.

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