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Eat Smart Meal Options

Tired of boring diets, that make you starve for weight loss? How about we show you a different approach to losing weight? Now you can actually cheat your way to a healthier weight loss and sneak past those dull fad diet. Our “Eat Smart Meal” options are tasty, low cal and healthy; specially designed by our diet and fitness experts so that you can lose weight easily without depriving yourself of the best cuisines. We want you to eat right and lose weight, the healthy way.


Indian Veg

Veg Meal Total Calories : 450
  • 1/2 bowl vangi bhath
  • 1 katori Ghobi kasoori
  • 1/2 cup Sprouts salad
  • Buttermilk
  • Plum


Indian Non Veg

Non Veg Meal Total Calories : 450
  • 2 phulkas
  • 1/2 cup chicken curry
  • 1 katori baingan bharta
  • Watermelon

Note : 450 Kcal options are prepared considering the new dietary guidelines for adults. These menu options are wholesome, low fat and well-balanced. In case, you are on a diet to lose weight or simply want to eat smart to maintain weight, you may consider eating these options in one meal. The next two meals should also be healthy and low cal. Please note that if you are already on a weight management program, check with your expert before considering these meal options.


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