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Recipe Name: Amla Murabba  
Category: Condiments


Prep Time Cook Time Serves



Amla   1 kg
Sugar   1 kg
Water for syrup   650 ml
Salt   20 g
Water for brine   1 litre
Alum solution (2%)   1 litre


  • Select large sized amlas and wash them well.
  • Prick fruits with a stainless fork and place them in two percent salt solution.
  • Raise the strength of the salt solutions by two percent daily till it reaches eight per cent.
  • Wash the fruits and place in freshly prepare eight per cent salt solution (brine) for a week. (This treatment will remove most of the astringency.) Wash the fruits again.
  • Blanch the amlas in two per cent alum solution till softened.
  • Prepare a light syrup of 40 per cent total soluble solids (TSS) by boiling 400 gm sugar and 650 ml water slowly.
  • Pour this syrup over softened fruits, cover and set aside for 24 hours.
  • Next day, drain off syrup into a saucepan and add 100 g sugar.
  • Bring to boil and pour over fruits again.
  • Repeat the process for two more days, adding 100 gm sugar each time.
  • Drain the syrup again and add 150 gm sugar and citric acid. Add the fruit and boil for three minutes and set aside for 48 hours.
  • Repeat the process using up the remaining sugar, leaving fruits to soak in syrup for four more days. At the end of this period, the syrup should have the consistency of honey i.e. approximately 70 per cent TSS.
  • Fill into sterilized jars, close the lid and store.
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Suggested Variation
There is no suggested variation for this recipe
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size   3 tsp
Amount Per Serving
Calories 70 Calories from Fat -
% Daily Value'
Total Fat  0 -
Saturated Fat  -
Trans Fat  -  
Cholesterol  -
Sodium  145 6
Total Carbohydrate  17 5
Dietary Fiber   -
Sugars   15  
Vitamin A   92   * Vitamin C   92
Calcium   120 * Iron  
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending upon your daily needs